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"CollegeVine is amazing! The chancing feature has been so reassuring and makes college admissions seem like less of a guessing game. The Q&A, essay review, and networking pages are super positive and helpful. I also love the college list page, where you can compare so many different aspects of different colleges all at once, and even add your own info! Finding CollegeVine has changed my perspective for the better as I begin college admissions. An invaluable resource!!" - Julia, a high school junior (Nov 5th, 2020)

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"I love this website. It has helped me with navigating through the college process. I am a first generation American student, so I had a lot of problems with college admissions until I came across this site."

- @hanstep (Oct 31st, 2020)

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"Collegevine is the best website I've used! It provides me with information about the individual colleges, lets me see what are my possible chances at getting into the colleges I want, and provides amazing Essay Peer Review help! Collegevine is a great tool that I feel everyone should use!"

- @bRigA (Oct 24th, 2020)

"Best website I've seen so far for colleges. Very helpful, and makes the application process less stressful in general."

- @triStarG (Nov 8th, 2020)

"It is genuinely the best college process hub. From essay reviews to chancing probability of getting into your schools to countless livestreams, CollegeVine has everything for FREE."

- @dpuphi (Oct 22nd, 2020)

"This website is amazing and it made me understand the admissions and college search process better. I would definitely recommend this because now I know how to improve in order to get into the best universities."

- @geeford (Sept 13th, 2020)

"I really like how I am able to read other people's essays and better understand how I should be writing mine. I also really like the fact that all of CollegeVine is free since that isn't something that I see commonly."

- @AbJan (Nov 3rd, 2020)

"CollegeVine's mission is to encourage everyone to help each other to get in their dream college, and that is absolutely fantastic."

- @NicoleH (Nov 1st, 2020)

"I love this! It's super helpful and I actually love helping other people revise their essays. Such a wonderful community promoting success in the college process."

- @XanLand (Oct 20th, 2020)

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