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We take pride in delivering outstanding services to our students and families. With 91% of our families willing to recommend our services, we get great feedback from our students and families. See some reviews from happy students and parents about our SAT tutoring, College Application Guidance and Mentorship Programs below. If you would like to share your experience, feel free to contact us.

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"At the start of the admissions process, I was applying to 17 colleges. But, CollegeVine helped me understand where I would really like to spend the next 4 years. I am grateful for the opportunity and I'm very excited for the next chapter of my life!"

Yens K. (University of Chicago, Class of 2021)

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I would like to thank you so much for working with me in completing my applications for college. You guys have impacted my future for the better, and regardless of admissions results I am forever thankful for that. Thanks for all the late night Skype calls, for answering all of my mom and I's crazy questions, and for collaborating to make the most out of the time I had. Through this journey, I've grown with your guidance. I know it sounds dramatic, but in these past couple of weeks I've genuinely learned a lot about myself and it wouldn't have been possible without your encouragement and advising.

I attribute my insight into the college admissions process, as well as my successes in my extracurriculars and exams/testing, largely to the time I spent working with CollegeVine. Over two and a half years, I was able to turn to my contact at CV whenever I needed advice on anything related to high school achievement–applying to summer programs, contacting professors, or even the marginal benefit of another 5 on an AP exam–and was able to make the most effective, efficient decisions to set me up for the college application season, affording me an early action acceptance to my top choice university.

Going into my junior year, I had no clue where to start with college admissions and test prep, but I knew I had to start immediately. I found CollegeVine through a friend and that was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Since then, CollegeVine has helped me get into the college of my dreams and meet all of my goals. I’ll forever be grateful.

5 months ago, I had to convince my husband that investing in CollegeVine's services would be worthwhile. Last night, for the first time in nearly 25 years of marriage, YOU proved me right. Our Maisy was accepted ED to her top choice: Brown University. We have screamed, cried and celebrated. She is a fantastic, qualified student. But, so are the other 30,000 kids that won't be admitted to this prestigious school this year. I know that the diligent essay editing, interview prep and counseling Alicia and Julia [Maisy’s Applications Consultant and Program Manager] provided were instrumental to this life-altering moment. Thank you so much.

CollegeVine was a very valuable tool to have during the application process. My essay specialist got to know me quite well, and with her, I was able to create essays of which I was proud. CollegeVine relieved much of my stress regarding the application process, and I was able to get into my top choice school. I would definitely recommend CollegeVine’s services to all college applicants.

My mentor, Zane, has been very helpful in helping me get organized and has made it easy to think about what ideas I may want to pursue in the future. For as long as I have been part of the program, Collegevine has been helpful in preparing and organizing me for the events in my life.

Wanted to start planning for college early. The assistance, aka motivation she gets from her mentor who is currently attending her dream school is doubly helpful! I want our children to be successful and I think CollegeVine has a plan in place to help them. It’s remarkable that they are using students attending some of the best schools mentoring our children.

Although I signed up for essay editing only for CollegeVine, the company has helped me in so many other ways, such as rediscovering important moments in my life and helping me realize the small experiences that have shaped who I am.

I would just like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the CollegeVine program. It is with the most sincerity that I say I wouldn't have been able to finish applications without the help of this program.

I wanted to thank you for all the help as my son K got early admission into Johns Hopkins. He may still need some support as needed but essentially the work for apps is complete. I wanted to let you know that it made a huge difference for Kavan. They were very thorough and professional. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

My CollegeVine essay specialist truly brought my essays to life, giving me the confidence that I submitted the best work I could’ve submitted.

Thank you so much to CollegeVine for helping me earn admission to my dream school, The University of Pennsylvania! After I was partnered up with my essay specialist, it did not take me long to notice that he was extremely dedicated to my success. Because he recently graduated from high school, he had gone through the same process not too long ago and understood exactly what I needed. He guided me to create and manage a detailed application schedule, and he always made sure to check up on me. His commitment was evident in his quick replies to emails and willingness to answer any sort of question I had, no matter how busy he was or how late it was that day.

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