STEM in a Liberal Arts Environment

Recorded Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 11:00 PM

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Lafayette College

Easton, PA

Cur Non is our rally cry at Lafayette College. The motto of the Marquis de Lafayette, our namesake, Cur Non means Why Not. Why not have the courage to live boldly? Why not engage in every aspect of learning? Why not use your intellect, energy and talent to find your place in the world? Cur Non means anything is possible at Lafayette.

We are a top liberal arts and engineering college, dedicated to undergraduates who want hands-on experience to address real-world issues across interdisciplinary teams. If you want to learn skill sets, then ask why. If you want to develop a mindset, then ask why not. Learn about the STEM programs at Lafayette College and applying for admission to Lafayette.


Kathleen Williams (Director of West Coast Admissions)

Kathleen Williams joined the Admissions world after nearly 30 years of practicing law in California. Prior to coming to Lafayette College, she worked for University of the Pacific and Seton Hall University. She always wanted to work at Lafayette because she witnessed her daughter’s (class of ’15) amazing journey at Lafayette. She has been at Lafayette College for two years.

Scott Hummel (Professor and William Jeffers Director of the Engineering Division)

Dr. Hummel has been a strong advocate for the Engineering Division and the College. He has strengthened the interdisciplinary connections between the liberal arts and the Engineering Division and working with faculty across the campus to shape the concept for IDEAL, the new Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Dr. Hummel played a key role in developing new Bachelor of Science curricula that increase flexibility and provide students with increased opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial and innovative collaborations with faculty and students from all disciplines.

School information

Lafayette College

Easton, PA
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Undergrad College: University of Chicago

Major: Economics

Work Experience: As a Co-Founder of CollegeVine, I lead the data science and admissions curriculum teams. I have worked with thousands of students and families over the course of 8 years. I have also spent time as a senior analyst in aviation operations, strategy, and marketing.

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