University of Southern California Student Panel

Recorded Tuesday, September 22 at 12:00 AM

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School information

University of Southern California | USC

Los Angeles, CA

Ask current USC students questions about academics, campus life, dorm living, and more. Livestream viewers will get to vote on questions and ask their own!

Meet the panelists: Alexandria, Brooke, Hunter, and Victor

Alexandria is a junior from Chicago and is in the Marshall School of Business. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. She is also an active member in campus hiking clubs and the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Outside of class, Alexandria enjoys hiking, road trips, and photography.

Brooke is a junior originally from Dallas, Texas. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, both through the Dornsife School of Letters, Arts, & Sciences. Brooke is the associate literary producer for the intersectional feminist production company on campus, ART/EMIS. She also is a Resident Assistant (RA) and a student worker for the Thematic Option Honors GE Program. In her free time, Brooke enjoys reading, writing, and painting.

Hunter is a junior from Chicago, Illinois, in the School of Cinematic Arts. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television Production with a minor in Business Finance. Outside of school, he enjoys working on films, playing sports, fishing, and traveling.

Victor is a junior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Business Administration. Victor is an active member of The Impact Investing Group of USC where he is a project manager and a member of the National Society of Black Engineers. He loves playing and following European soccer/football, coding, and cooking.

School information

University of Southern California | USC

Los Angeles, CA
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Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Priya and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
10:33@anonymous:Victor, as someone pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Business Administration, how would you describe your overall experience with academics and what type of opportunities have opened up to you?
12:40@Mia_Rossi:How are the dorms? How did you feel about the room mate pairing?
16:52@anonymous:How did Lexie get into the Marshall's school of business?
18:19@anonymous:What is the social scene like? What do you do in your free time or on the weekends?
21:33@anonymous:Hunter, did going to college in Los Angeles offer career opportunities for you, as a film student?
23:03@anonymous:Can you talk about internships and other opportunities outside of school?
27:23@anonymous:how's the meal plan?
29:20@anonymous:What's some advice for students who are out of state trying to get unto USC?
30:46@anonymous:How difficult is it to connect with professors?
33:49@anonymous:how long have you known you wanted to be in your major?
37:00@anonymous:What are some covid precautions that you guys are taking?
38:31@anonymous:Being such a large school, do you feel that students receive enough individualized attention?
42:10@anonymous:is it important to do activities in high school related to your major in college? I would love to go into journalism or business but most of my activities are currently science-related
47:30@anonymous:What is student life like? What is a normal day in school (outside of COVID)?
49:41@Romina:what other colleges did you apply to?

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