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Recorded Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 11:00 PM

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Emory University

Atlanta, GA

Ask current Emory University students questions about academics, campus life, dorm living, and more. Livestream viewers will get to vote on questions and ask their own!

Meet the panelists: Sabrina, Amanda, Riya, Hannah, Roger

Sabrina is a junior from Greenville, South Carolina in the Goizueta Business School. She is obtaining a Bachelor's in Business Administration, and pursuing finance, international business, and a concentration in film & media management. Sabrina is an active member of Women in Business, 180 Degrees Consulting, the Pakistani Student Association, and is a Digital Ambassador for Emory. Outside of school, she enjoys videography, traveling, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

Amanda is a junior from Westchester, New York, majoring in Sociology. In addition to academics, she keeps herself busy as a member of the rowing team, a contributing writer for Her Campus, and the chair of communications for Emory’s transfer student organization. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and doing outdoor activities.

Riya is a third year at Emory University studying biology and minoring in quantitative sciences, with pre-med intent. She is actually a transfer student from the University of Georgia and transferred to Emory at the beginning of her second year. She is extremely involved on campus at Emory through her positions in College Council, Emory Cooking Club, Emory Synapse, Emory Transfer Student Organization, and Hindu Students Association. She is also involved in undergraduate research at the Emory Children's Center where she conducts biomedical engineering research on the topic of neuroblastoma.

Hannah is a second year student at Emory University planning to go into the Goizueta Business School. She is pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in consulting. Hannah is an active member of The Humans of Emory, Emory Impact Investment Group, Emory Entrepreneur and Venture Management, Asian Health Alliance, and ResLife. Outside of school, she enjoys thrifting, embroidering, having picnics, and watching The Good Place.

Roger is a junior from Knoxville, Tennessee studying at Emory University. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics. Roger is an active member of multiple cultural organizations such as the Asian Student Organization and the Chinese Undergraduate Student Organization where he serves as the Budgeting Chair and VP of Communications respectively. He also spends much of his time as a writer for the Emory Economics Review. Outside of school, he enjoys travelling, watching and playing soccer, running, and writing.

School information

Emory University

Atlanta, GA
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