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Recorded Tuesday, September 22 at 11:00 PM

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School information

Clemson University

Clemson, SC

Ask current Clemson students questions about academics, campus life, dorm living, and more. Livestream viewers will get to vote on questions and ask their own!

Meet the panelists: Mary Ann, Maria, Inara

Mary Ann is a junior from Clemson University. She is pursuing a Bachelor's in Language and International Health with a concentration in Spanish and a minor in Public Policy. Mary Ann is an active member of two creative inquiries: Stories of Refuge, Detention, and Hospitality and Narratives of the Incarcerated. She is also the VP and co-founder of Middle Eastern Student Association and the engagements coordinator for Planned Parenthood Generation Action. Aside from school, she enjoys reading, spending time with her friends, watching movies, and traveling.

Maria is a junior from Charleston, SC. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in bioengineering with a biomaterials concentration and a French language minor. Maria is a member of the honors college at Clemson as well as the pre-health majors association on campus. Outside of her academic interests Maria enjoys being a part of Bollywood Dance team, Dholna and traveling in her free time.

Inara is a junior microbiology major from Memphis, Tennessee. She is minoring in biology and french and is currently on a pre-med track. After college, she aspires to attend medical school. She is an active member in Clemson Dholna, a Bollywood dance team, and she is a mentor in the COSMIC program for underrepresented students in the college of science. Outside of school, she loves spending time with her family and friends, trying new things, and taking weekend trips to Atlanta and Greenville!

School information

Clemson University

Clemson, SC
Your host

Undergrad College: San Diego State University '12

Major: Bioengineering

Graduate College: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, MS; Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, MD '23

Work Experience: I have worked as a research scientist in cardiology, including research developing models to study the heart using stem cells - one of which is going to the International Space Station in 2022! While not as exiting, I have also worked in the health insurance industry.

My Admissions Story: I found an advisor I trusted and used their advice and any help they offered. Only good things came from having an extra set of eyes to look at essays and complete applications. The key for me was to find that person early on, and build that advisor-advisee relationship.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Nikki and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
8:08@anonymous:Can you talk about your experience on the Bollywood dance team?
10:21@anonymous:what are the dorms like?
12:30@anonymous:How many foreign languages did you have when you applied? Is it required to have 3?
14:05@lanat:What is the campus like? will you need a car to get around?
15:15@anonymous:Is campus walkable?
17:39@anonymous:how is the town? what is your average day and weekend like at clemson?
21:37@anonymous:You mentioned the honors college...can you talk more about that?
21:47@anonymous:what's the town like, and how would you describe your average day or weekend?
24:47@anonymous:Is there Greek life and Clemson and if so, how diverse is it?
24:58@anonymous:How is greek life and school spirit?
27:46@lanat:Can you describe your study abroad program?
27:52@madelynbella:Is there a good mix of in and out of state students, or is it predominately in sate?
29:46@Nayzeth:What activities are on campus?
32:30@anonymous:If you don't care about football/sports is it hard to fit in at Clemson?
35:20@lanat:Can you talk about your experiences with greek life?
35:41@anonymous:What tips do you have to help people transition living and just being on campus?
35:47@anonymous:What is it like to live in SC as someone who has never been?
37:04@madelynbella:What is one aspect of Clemson that that you can't capture though a virtual tour?
41:14@anonymous:How's the food? Do you prefer eating from the dining hall or other places?
43:10@anonymous:Are there food options for vegetarians?
44:05@anonymous:When balancing classes, study times, and clubs, are you able to find time to spend on yourself to just cool down and relax?
46:57@anonymous:Does Clemson have good financial aid and scholarship programs?
49:12@anonymous:Are there resources on campus to aid with mental health issues and anxiety?


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