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Jake Patin-Sauls

MFA in Creative Writing, University of Arkansas
NOTE: This is going up top because I'm seeing more and more reports of it, but please, PLEASE, for the sake of everything that is good in this world, do not trust ANYONE who insinuates that you must have had hardships, some dramatic experience, or a "spike"/"passion" in order to write a successful Common App essay/get into your dream school. These ideas stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes a compelling story and what admissions officers are looking for. They *can* make great essays, but advisors relying on them are FAR more likely to give AI-created, recycled, or flat-out plagiarised advice/revisions. Every year this gets many students eliminated from schools that would have otherwise accepted them. This fact is then often reported to OTHER universities, who may also choose to decline or rescind acceptance. And you may never even know it happened. LISTEN IN ON A LIVE CONSULTATION HERE: BIO: One of the only educational consultants in the world with over two decades of experience as an editor, ghostwriter, and university professor, Johnathan (better known as Professor Jake) has guided thousands of students through every aspect of the academic process. He has perfected the process of helping people find their unique voice and most powerful stories. When not on CollegeVine, he is the Director of Admissions, College, and Careers Department at . As part of this role, he also mentors independent research, creative writing, publishing, and "passion" projects. BOOKS: New book coming out August 30, 23! NEWSLETTER: *Profile portrait drawn by Anna Xu, 2023. Thanks Anna! Have fun at Yale!*
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