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New York University MA in Counseling, BA in Psychology and Anthropology - Cal Poly Humboldt
I want to help you to discover your strengths, interests, and talents, and support you as you plan for your future. I have been counseling students and helping them reach for their dreams for more than 15 years, and I have guided over 600 students toward achieving their goals. APPROACH I believe in every student’s ability to learn and grow from wherever they are starting from. Preparing for college applications should start early, though it is NEVER too late to plan the next steps in your journey. Applying to college can be fun. I love helping students tell their stories, and the writing process has the potential to be one of the most powerful parts of your application. If you are a rising senior, you have a lot of control over how you present yourself in your applications. Now is the time to plan ahead to craft an incredible college list, and to write essays that help your personality come alive on your application! Being authentically YOU is the key. I have lived, traveled, and worked all over the world, and these experiences help to shape the way I work with students. I believe that an open mind, a sense of humor, and a spirit of adventure will get you far in life. I also believe that your personal well-being is key to success in learning and gaining acceptance to colleges that hold incredible opportunities for you. EXPERIENCE My experience as a college counselor in several incredible high schools is complemented by my background in supporting student mental health and well-being. This allows me to create plans that will help you to manage even the most stressful moments of this process. Get organized, break a large process down into small tasks, and start moving forward, my friends :) I started my career as a counselor at Hunter College High School in New York City where students aim high (like, really high) and get in! HCHS also boasts a solid percentage of first generation college students gaining acceptance to highly selective colleges. I was a core part of the team founding the college counseling program at Leman Manhattan Preparatory School, leading to exceptional college acceptances. I have worked in international schools with students from dozens of countries, and have supported the development of counseling programs in the US, China, and Japan. I have also been a professional college admissions interviewer, and am a contributing writer and content writer for several incredible college admissions websites and platforms. I have presented at college admissions conferences in the US, Asia, and Europe, and I have also been a member of national and international college admissions organizations for more than 15 years. I have visited more than 100 US college campuses, meeting with admissions officers at each one, as well as visits to over 30 campuses in the UK, Canada, Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and more. NEXT STEPS If you would like to better understand your strengths and how to leverage them, plan your high school years to maximize your opportunities, and create a college application that is going to help you to highlight your best qualities, then let's connect via a free consultation. You are welcome to book your preferred session directly. AVAILABILITY Single session advising is available throughout the application season. You can choose any topic for a single, 60 minute session. I also have 90 minute sessions which can cover topics such as getting started in the college search and application process, interview preparation, soft skills, and any topic that you would like to spend 90 minutes on. My typical availability for sessions is SUNDAY through THURSDAY evenings Eastern Time (afternoon/evenings Pacific Time). Please send me a message if you do not see your preferred available time on my calendar. I will always do my best to make times available for clients. I am currently fully booked for grade 12 PACKAGE clients (class of 2024) I am currently fully booked for grade 9-11 PACKAGE clients (classes of 2027 - 2025) ***I am also full for pro bono and sliding scale clients***
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