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Ethan Glasserman

B.A. - Harvard University, M.F.A. - Boston University, Psy.D. (in progress) - The Wright Institute
I’m a writer. Not a college guidance counselor, not an expert on admissions—a writer. For the last twelve years, I’ve been devoted to writing fiction. Back in the day, I also wrote screenplays, a webseries, comedy pieces, and two parody novels I self-published. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in psychology, I completed an M.F.A. in creative writing at Boston University. Over more than a decade of studying fiction line by line and holding myself to an exacting standard, I’ve learned how to tell a story. What I have to offer is expertise in writing and a perspective that isn’t limited by the confines of the college admissions process. While I can give you a few general pointers about the broader application process, a strength of mine is that I have a rich personal and professional life outside of this field. Throughout college and graduate school, I’ve studied a range of subjects, including computer science, statistics, neuroscience, filmmaking, literature, and psychoanalysis. On my own, I’m an avid reader familiar with a variety of interests from visual art to cooking to theories of consciousness. Another important part of my background is that I have worked in mental health for six years and am training as a clinical psychologist. That means I know how to take a real interest in people, learn what makes them distinctive, and help them through an anxiety-provoking process. If any of the above sounds like what you’re looking for, please reach out. Most of my clients come from independent referrals off CollegeVine, as I primarily work as a team with an independent guidance counselor with decades of experience. I work with a relatively small number of students each year, which allows me to give each one the attention they need. I’m particularly experienced in working with kids in STEM who are struggling to stand out, students who cultivate an artistic practice, and those who have trouble getting the first words on paper. Last year (2023-2024), I worked with a small group and had students admitted to: UChicago (early) Dartmouth (early) Cornell (early) U-Michigan Business (early) Cornell (RD) UC Berkeley EECS (tied with Stanford for #1 program, 4% admit rate--RD)
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