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How we define success

At CollegeVine, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your future. Our goal is to be your family’s trusted guide through high school and the college admissions process, and we recognize that success means something a little bit different to every family. We’ve helped countless students navigate the path to the best schools for them by:

  • Getting them accepted to 1 of their top 3 choices 74% of the time,
  • Winning scholarships that significantly lessen the financial burden,
  • Deciding which colleges will help them grow as individuals,
  • Lessening stress by managing the admissions process, and/or
  • Showing ambitious students how they can be admitted to highly selective colleges.

We Serve Families With All Kinds Of Goals


more scholarships won when students work with CollegeVine


of students miss important admissions deadlines


likelihood of acceptance at top schools


families would recommend CollegeVine

Whether They're Financially Conscious


total scholarship awarded to CollegeVine students last year alone


average size of scholarship award won


CollegeVine Class of 2021

Excellent... just excellent. CollegeVine was worth it just for the scholarships (it pays back and then some), not even mentioning the help for colleges. A+."

Looking To Find The Perfect College Fit

See how our past students discovered the best school for them, based on their unique personalities and goals.

Yens K.

University of Chicago, Class of 2021

“At the start of the admissions process, I was applying to 17 colleges. But CollegeVine helped me understand where I would really like to spend the next 4 years. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I'm very excited for the next chapter of my life!"

Raghav B.

Nova Southeastern, Class of 2021

“To be honest, growing up in NJ, I didn't even know Nova Southeastern was an option. People in my neighborhood apply to the same old schools because of rankings. I thank CollegeVine for helping me get accepted to an awesome place that I'm actually SO pumped to attend!"

    Or Applying To Competitive Universities


    students accepted to Ivy League and equivalent schools last year alone


    likelihood of acceptance at top 10 schools


    of applicants are accepted to one of their top 3 choices


    See what our families have to say about their CollegeVine experience.

    Tanya G.

    Proud CollegeVine Parent

    I cannot say enough about CollegeVine and how helpful they were to my son and our family. They removed our confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed. I have to say that the process respected our son’s autonomy, probably more than we, as parents, would have been able to do. Our son looked forward to his scheduled appointments, which kept him on track and increased his motivation and confidence. This also set our minds at ease as parents.

    Will E.

    My Favorite School

    The personalized attention offered by CollegeVine is incomparable to any other service out there. This service’s advantage lies in their specialists being able to get to know you better. The specialists are extremely qualified to assist with this process and their ability to relate to current students is invaluable.

    May H.

    Student, Class of 2022

    I would like to thank you so much for working with me in completing my applications for college. You guys have impacted my future for the better, and regardless of admissions results I am forever thankful for that. Thanks for all the late night calls, for answering all of my mom and I's crazy questions, and for collaborating to make the most out of the time I had. Through this journey, I've grown with your guidance. I know it sounds dramatic, but in these past couple of weeks I've genuinely learned a lot about myself and it wouldn't have been possible without your encouragement and advising.

    Nick X.

    Student, accepted to Princeton

    My experience with CollegeVine was superb. All of the consultants – from managers to essay and interview specialists – were both professional and friendly. They helped my application achieve its highest potential and I felt very confident submitting my early application to Princeton University.

    Henry M.

    Student, accepted to Brown PLME

    I have absolutely nothing but praise for CollegeVine. CV has provided me with outstanding assistance through every part of the college application process from boosting my standardized test scores to offering invaluable insight on how admission to some of the most competitive undergraduate programs in the nation works.

    Elena L.

    Student, accepted to MIT

    CollegeVine's college consulting was invaluable to me. My essay specialist gave useful tips on how to write the college essays and helped me write more cohesive and effective essays. He was very quick in responding to my many questions as well. I would recommend CollegeVine to any prospective college student who seeks excellent advice and a wonderful experience with the application process.

    Sandy M.

    Student, accepted to Northwestern

    Even if you’re not obsessed about getting into a prestigious college, CollegeVine teaches you so much about writing, college life, and dealing with stress in general.

    Jeffrey A.

    Student, accepted to Yale

    CollegeVine helped me effectively format my application and assisted me greatly with the essay writing process. I got into one of my top schools because of them.

    Kan B.

    Student, accepted to JHU

    CollegeVine was a very valuable tool to have during the application process. My essay specialist got to know me quite well, and with her, I was able to create essays of which I was proud. CollegeVine relieved much of my stress regarding the application process, and I was able to get into my top choice school. I would definitely recommend CollegeVine’s services to all college applicants.

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