Live Q&A with Baylor University Admissions Officers

Recorded Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 09:00 PM

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Baylor University

Waco, TX

Ask Baylor University admissions officers questions about what it takes to get admitted to Baylor, their application process, academics, and more.

Baylor has shut down campus visits and tours due to the coronavirus outbreak, and many families are missing out on the opportunity to learn about the college first hand from admissions staff on campus. Jordan and Emma will start the session with an in-depth overview of Baylor, covering topics ranging from admissions to academics to campus life. In the second half of the session, they'll open the floor to an audience Q&A session and answer your questions about Baylor admissions, life on campus, and more.

Jordan Smith’s bio:

My name is Jordan Smith, and I am from Keller, Texas. While I was at Baylor, I majored in Anthropology and studied Creative Writing and Poetry as a minor. Baylor’s outgoing, kind, and caring professors, combined with the feeling of family and community all over campus, was my favorite part of being a Baylor student. Baylor was one of the first places that I truly felt like I belonged – I loved it so much that I even got married on campus! Being an admissions counselor is so fulfilling for me because it combines the two things that I love most: meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and sharing my Alma Mater. It is so satisfying to help students through the application process from start to finish. Connecting with my students on a personal level to help them realize their goals and make Baylor possible is my passion!

Emma Valle’s bio:

My name is Emma Valle and I am from San Benito, Texas. I double majored in Political Science and Corporate Communication at Baylor and loved every second on campus! The thing I love most about Baylor is the caring community that allows students to build meaningful relationships with their peers and professors. As an admissions counselor, I have the opportunity to meet with students and share about my favorite place in the world while also helping them through the ins and outs of the application process. A fun fact about me is that although my twin brother and I applied to a combined total of 30 schools we both chose Baylor!

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School information

Baylor University

Waco, TX

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