Just for Juniors: Advising Hours with Moriah

Recorded Thursday, December 10 at 11:00 PM

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About this livestream


Join Moriah Kofsky for another installment of CollegeVine's Just for Juniors Advising Hours!

In this event designed specifically for current juniors in high school and their families, Moriah will open the floor to allow you to ask any and all questions you might have about the admissions process. Stop in to ask a few questions or stick around for the whole hour to learn from other viewers' questions!

Your host

Undergrad College: University of Pennsylvania '19

Major: English and Women’s Studies

Work Experience: I'm passionate about merging storytelling, psychology, and spirituality to co-create experiences that transform people. In addition to advising students with CollegeVine, I work as a life coach and freelance writer.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Moriah and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
1:44@mat:What are your tips for getting into penn? What is your favorite thing about Penn?
9:01@mat:How should I build my college list? When should I start?
15:56@Yoinkz:Do you have any recommendations for narrowing down majors? When should I have an idea of what I want to study?
20:24@anonymous:What are somethings we should do and focus on during our junior year?
25:01@MohidBasha:How does applying as a double-major/minor work if they are in different schools (ex. business and school of engineering)?
30:05@MohidBasha:How many targets, reach, and safety colleges do you suggest to have in a college list?
32:00@anonymous:How many extracurriculars should we have completed after our junior year ?
35:30@MohidBasha:What are some tips you have in helping decide what major/career to go in?
35:33@anonymous:How do you find a major, I have no major interests, just want a major that can leave me well off
42:52@IsabelaFermo:How do you make yourself stand out on college apps when your stats are there but maybe not your extracurriculars?
47:09@anonymous:How do you do a self driven project when you don't have the means too?
50:31@anonymous:How does college differ from high school? What is the hardest transition? How is the work load? How is the interview process?
59:25@anonymous:Do you think AP classes prepare you for college in terms of workload and rigor?
62:34@kate04:What's one piece of advice you'd give to your junior self?
62:38@kate04:What's one piece of advice you'd give your junior self?
64:23@anonymous:How do you get scholarships, when you don't really stand up for merit, and you are not low income, more middle class, but can't afford it?
68:16@anonymous:When is it too late to switch college majors?
70:11@mat:Where can I look for scholarships?
71:38@IsabelaFermo:Are new extracurriculars as seniors considered? What about online clubs? What are other ways we should navigate extracurriculars when we're online due to COVID?
73:52@anonymous:When do you think is best to start focusing on the essays?
77:33@IsabelaFermo:What is the scholarship application process? Do you write an essay applying to that scholarship or is there other information to provide them?
78:32@anonymous:what are some things you've done in high school? extracurriculars? classes? SAT or ACT?
80:49@anonymous:Is the leadership in senior year helpful on the application?
81:27@goldenretriever1:Where did transfer from
82:12@MohidBasha:If you apply to a business school, can you still switch majors to a non-business school related major one once your accepted into the college?
83:53@mat:How do I set up my Common App account?
85:02@anonymous:Sorry I missed what extracurriculars you did in the high school! Can you talk it again? Thanks
86:47@IsabelaFermo:When you apply to a specific college at your university (like a business school) is all your coursework involved in that certain college or do you take classes at other colleges/schools?


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