First Start for Freshmen: Advising Hours with Yesh

Recorded Wednesday, January 20 at 12:00 AM

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About this livestream


Join Yesh Datar for another installment of CollegeVine's First Start for Freshmen Advising Hours!

In this event designed specifically for current freshmen in high school and their families, Yesh will open the floor to allow you to ask any and all questions you might have about navigating the first year of high school and how to set yourself up for future academic success.

Stop in to ask a few questions or stick around for the whole hour to learn from other viewers' questions!

Your host

Undergrad College: Boston University '20

Major: Medical Science

Graduate College: Boston University School of Medicine

Work Experience: I've been working at CollegeVine for 3 years mentoring students through BS/MD and undergraduate admissions. I am currently a medical student and have done research at Boston Medical Center, Dana-Farber, and the Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Yesh and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
2:34@stemcurious:AP course recommendations for premed? For 10th grade, 11th and 12th
4:57@cheerios:any advice for finding a summer internship opportunity?
9:43@anonymous:What summer extracurriculars look best on college applications?
12:06@anonymous:What ACT/SAT score shows I'm interested in premed?
15:26@anonymous:Are AP courses or Dual Enrollment courses better?
18:40@anonymous:Is AP psychology a good course for premed? In my school its considered a social studies elective
20:50@stemcurious:What summer activities do you recommend for rising sophomores interested in going into premed
22:47@anonymous:If I play an instrument how can i make that extracurricular at a higher tier than it is now (recreational)/
24:59@HMS2024:how important are extracurriculars compared to your grades?
28:52@anonymous:Do you recommend taking SAT subject tests in 11th grade? (lol im a sophmore)
30:25@stemcurious:Does having a paid part time job as tutor in a non science subject be considered valuable on my resume if I am aiming for premed
31:36@HMS2024:How many years of a language should I take?
34:03@anonymous:If collegeboard canceled the ACT/SAT written portion, how will colleges accept my application? Duke requires you have the written portion?
34:59@cheerios:my school has gt (gifted and talented) classes, ap classes, and honors classes. ap classes and gt classes are weighed the same in gpa, and honors is weighted a little bit less than those. i know other districts have honors classes that are weighed similar to ap, do you know how colleges would regard gt classes? sorry if this question is a little confusing
37:25@athena._.tian:What do you think about graduating in 3 years instead of 4?
39:25@TK:How or where do I search which colleges give college credit to the AP course I take? For eg, in my freshmen year, I have AP Geography as social studies or elective. How do I search which colleges accept this AP course? Also, how important is it to choose AP course based on personal interest versus college credit given by colleges. Like should I go based on what AP courses the colleges give a credit for or more on my interest though an AP course does not have any college credit given?
43:11@athena._.tian:What do you think about the discontinuation of SAT 2 tests and how it will affect college admissions?
43:59@anonymous:How do university know what courses are available?
44:58@stemcurious:How many APs do you recommend we have by end of junior year?
47:03@anonymous:I go to private school, and all the courses are college prep, and we are allowed to take ap in our senior year. Would that put me at a disadvantage?
48:50@athena._.tian:I know this isn't particularly related, but how did you get into BU?
50:16@AdibRabbani:SAT Subject Tests were recently canceled in addition to other changes. I'm a sophomore and took the SAT Bio-M. Will I be able to put this on my application?
51:18@McKellarr:I am at an IB school, so we don't choose our courses? There are no AP's, only honors and DP (IB diploma program) courses in 11th and 12th grade. Is this bad?
52:46@stemcurious:Would the course rigor and EC selection be different if we want to go into B.S/M.D program?
54:30@AdibRabbani:I got a little below a 750 but not much. If I were to put this on my application would this put me at a disadvantage? Would admission officers take into account I was a sophomore?
56:58@stemcurious:It is very hard to find in person shadowing or hospital volunteering. How do we compensate for that experience?
59:03@McKellarr:Can you describe a very strong extracurricular profile (just an example with like 10 ec's) for a neuroscience major?
62:21@athena._.tian:I have a 3.3 UW and 3.9 W right now, which is about middle of my class. I know I am capable of doing better, but I don't really know how to study in a high school environment. Do you have any tips?
64:32@athena._.tian:Do you think that the SAT will be irrelevant by the time we apply to college? Will GPA then play a larger role?


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