Open Advising Hours with Amanda

Recorded Monday, April 5 at 10:00 PM

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School information

Duke University

Durham, NC

Join Amanda May for another edition of her famed open advising hours! Amanda will be available to answer any and all questions that you have about the college admissions process, the college experience, extracurriculars, Duke or anything else.

We're also offering a form where you can pre-submit your questions to Amanda, which you can access it here.

School information

Duke University

Durham, NC
Your host

Undergrad College: Duke University '20

Major: Biology

Work Experience: Amanda has worked in four different research labs, two at Cambridge University (U.K) and two at Duke University. Additionally, Amanda worked as a tutor for Biology and Chemistry for several years and also served a sales manager for an apartment complex.

My Admissions Story: Amanda applied to colleges in both the UK and the US. After being accepted to Duke and visiting campus during the accepted students' weekend, Amanda knew that Duke was the perfect fit for her.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Amanda and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
1:58@anonymous:What tips would you give for interviews?
5:24@JW11:My child took an AP class during the summer outside of high school. Is it possible to add the credit to her GPA? If so, how can she add it in Common App?
6:19@Selina:would you still be able to get into a top competent school without attending summer programs? Because BU's honors program is nearly 6000 dollars
7:48@anonymous:During interviews, what questions would you recommend asking the interviewer about the school?
9:29@stemcurious:Any suggestions for impact projects that can worked on individually? I am already involved in teaching and tutoring science to elementary students? I want to pursue biology or Chemistry or molecular cell Biology in college.
10:17@anonymous:Are there cliques at Duke? And are student groups and organizations exclusive?
12:00@anonymous:If you could change anything about Duke, what would it be?
13:07@anonymous:How significant is starting a nonprofit?
13:43@anonymous:Is living at Duke affordable or expensive?
14:33@Selina:Are college professors normally allowed to be contacted after class hours? Are they easily reached?
15:53@KSR:What extracurriculars would a business/economics major have to pursue to gain admission to selective colleges like Duke? (Let’s assume other factors such as GPA are competitive).
17:38@anonymous:Is Greek Life huge at Duke?
18:44@Selina:What is greek life? sororities?
20:04@anonymous:Would you feel safe walking around Duke alone?
21:38@mimi:How many colleges did you apply to? How many graduate schools are you applying to? What made you want to go to graduate school?
23:53@Selina:Is starting your own business a good extracurricular to add?
25:38@anonymous:is a 1500+ good enough to submit for Duke?
26:56@anonymous:what about AP test scores? do they place much emphasis on AP scores?
27:58@anonymous:How significant is the IB programme?
28:41@anonymous:Are all classes taught by professors or are some taught by TAs?
29:50@JW11:I am referencing CollegeVine College Chancing. The tool is very good, I think. Is it reliable to select colleges like Safety, Target, and Reach? Also do you think people apply ED/EA to Reach schools?
32:25@Cmetz:I am looking to applying at Duke biology major. What do you recommend I do for the summer if I can’t line up internship due to Covid - 19
34:13@KSR:What do you think made you “stand out” in the admissions process at Duke?
35:17@anonymous:How do you balance work and play?
37:26@Cmetz:does Duke conduct interviews?
38:43@anonymous:Does Duke promote diversity?
39:02@anonymous:Is there undergraduate emphasis at Duke?
40:04@anonymous:Are there many premed research and internship opportunities?
40:13@anonymous:Do you think Duke has many students with high socioeconomic status?
40:36@anonymous:so the suggestion is to use ED for far reach schools? thank you Amanda
42:13@B37282:Does additional coursework pursued over the summer help with admittance into good colleges? Does it help someone stand out among other applicants?
42:44@KSR:What GPA out of 100 would you recommend for Duke? I’m an asian male.
44:24@anonymous:How significant is clinical research and shadowing in the application process?
44:38@anonymous:Do you think there's adequate mental health support at Duke?
45:27@anonymous:What are your thoughts on the BSMD programs and how to get in?
47:04@anonymous:is Duke open curriculum?
49:04@anonymous:Does Duke accept IB credits?
49:21@KSR:From your experince, do you think people who go to a private high-school have an advantage in the college admissions process at competitive Universities like Duke?
50:30@Cmetz:Could you let us know how to prepare for Duke interview
53:42@anonymous:Should I use the additional info section of the application? If so, what should I include?


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