Open Advising Hours with Amanda

Recorded Monday, April 19 at 09:00 PM

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About this livestream


Join Amanda May for another edition of her famed Open Advising Hours! Amanda will be available to answer any and all questions that you have about the college admissions process, the college experience, extracurriculars, Duke or anything else.

We're also offering a form where you can pre-submit your questions to Amanda, which you can access here.

Your host

Undergrad College: Duke University '20

Major: Biology

Work Experience: Amanda has worked in four different research labs, two at Cambridge University (U.K) and two at Duke University. Additionally, Amanda worked as a tutor for Biology and Chemistry for several years and also served a sales manager for an apartment complex.

My Admissions Story: Amanda applied to colleges in both the UK and the US. After being accepted to Duke and visiting campus during the accepted students' weekend, Amanda knew that Duke was the perfect fit for her.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Amanda and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
10:35@elijahikemjr:What can I start doing sophomore year summer if I want to major in Biology?
13:09@felipeavila:Hi again, Amanda! What are some of the questions that are asked in college interviews?
16:12@stemcurious:Any advice on how to do a independent research project for the summer in biology?
17:02@anonymous:How many AP's should be there in an application?
18:01@anonymous:Does playing sports competitively give you an advantage in college applications?
19:11@felipeavila:Do colleges view dual credit courses less than AP courses even if you receive the same grade?
20:07@anonymous:Do you think getting a research position as a high schooler is important to enter as a bio major?
20:37@samuelh45:what if you weren't able to really do any extracurriculars this year due to COVID? Will colleges understand that??
21:31@felipeavila:Will choosing to not self-report my AP scores hurt my chances of admissions?
22:27@anonymous:When did you start working on your college applications?
24:58@sosi:what is the difference between biology and biomedical science and which is a better suit if I want to be a researcher/scientist who works in a lab?
28:14@AlProf:How do I present extracurricular activities that have no measurable element/awards? I spend 16-30+ hrs fly fishing or alpine skiing during their seasons but not in an competitive manner. How best to present these to show that I've great expertise in these "sports" in the Common App activities section?
30:54@samuelh45:is writing blog post or writing my own book about certain topics related to your interest or future major help me demonstrate my interest towards certain topic to colleges ​effectively?
31:23@samuelh45:is writing blog post or writing my own book about certain topics related to your interest or future major help me demonstrate my interest towards certain topic to colleges ​effectively?
32:41@sosi:When should I take the English proficiency tests (junior/senior) ?
33:24@Dominique:I am a dual enrollment student right now. What major would be best if I would like to do pediatrics? I am about 75% done with my biology AA as a sophomore. Does this sound like a good track or would health science or something of that sort be more beneficial?
35:36@sosi:I was thinking of building and publishing an app on biology for kids with games and videos this summer, will this help me in majoring in biology?
36:24@felipeavila:When should we ask teachers for letters of recommendation, and does it matter what subject they teach?
39:21@felipeavila:Follow up on my question about letters of rec. Some schools allow applicants to see the letters of rec, other schools give the option of having teachers send it in without a student seeing it. Do colleges view this differently?
39:54@bhavyalinga:do colleges look at dual enrollment ans AP the same?
40:58@Dominique:Any advice for dealing with testing anxiety? I have 8 exams in a period of 4 days and im im scared
43:05@sosi:How can I relate my hobby of playing piano with biology?
44:53@bhavyalinga:will having an AA degree before graduating high school look impressive??
45:34@bhavyalinga:how can I relate computer science with my love for education or playing the flute
47:10@felipeavila:How can I combine my passion for chess and politics/public policy in a college essay?
47:36@sosi:What information shall I research about a school other than location, type, funding, and majors?
49:57@felipeavila:Will a college see your senior grades prior to accepting a student?
50:40@sosi:Thank you so much, Amanda! Your livestreams are always great!
51:00@bhavyalinga:on a scale of 1-10 how much more stressful is college than high school
53:49@AlProf:I want to study East Asian studies as a major but have no idea how to prove this since my HS doesn't offer any sort of Asian studies classes?
54:25@elijahikemjr:What were your study plans for the IB Diploma?
54:56@felipeavila:What was your application to Harvard like?
56:46@felipeavila:Thank you, Amanda! You're awesome!
57:04@AlProf:Thank you for all your great advice and insight today!


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