Meet my major: neuroscience

Recorded Monday, May 3 at 09:00 PM

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Join Hale for another installment of Meet My Major! In this episode, Hale will be going over the ins and outs of what it’s like to major in neuroscience, including his favorite things about the major and things he didn't know before taking it. He’ll also be going over the core requirements, typical course material, and skills you can expect to gain.

It’s not rocket science, but it is brain surgery — so stop by for a bit to ask a few questions or stick around the whole hour to learn how you can navigate the neuroscience major.

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Undergrad College: Yale University '21

Work Experience: I am a senior at Yale and excited to begin my fifth admissions cycle working with CollegeVine. After four years of working directly with students, I can't wait to engage with the people and the process in new and innovative ways online.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Hale and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
4:25@goldenretriever1:Is astrophysics a brand new dept at Yale?
9:50@goldenretriever1:thank you:) what are the popular majors at Yale? what are the unpopular majors if you dont mind sharing... again thank you. you have been so awesome!!
11:03@bluediamond101:Would it be difficult to study neuroscience without being interested in computer science?
17:14@millyruiz:is math a part of the career?
17:59@millyruiz:what is your research about?
19:43@Adedoyin22:Sorry I’m late! Have you already said how you knew you liked neuroscience?
19:46@millyruiz:what extracurriculars could be related to neuroscience?
28:56@bluediamond101:As psychology becomes more modernized, do psychology and neuroscience students "fight" over research positions?
33:36@goldenretriever1:how big is neuroscience dept at Yale? do most go on to med school like yourself ?
34:39@goldenretriever1:can you speak to the research opportunities available for astrophysics major?
37:01@Adedoyin22:Have you considered space medicine?
40:39@Payita:what else can you do (jobs, masters) if you don't want to go to med school?
41:36@goldenretriever1:what's the connection between singing and neuroscience :))) we know you belong to Yale acapella
42:27@Sparty:Does your undergrad research determine what your med school research will be?
44:49@goldenretriever1:Is Acapella all male??
45:20@MichelleHe:Do you have a list of colleges offering undergrad neuro science major?
45:21@DiyaGK:What are some schools that have a good neuroscience field other than Yale?
46:28@Payita:For international students who cannot enter or is it very difficult to enter Med Schools in the US, so the best track after a Neuroscience major would be indeed a Masters's? What about public health area?
46:54@goldenretriever1:how were you able to get your own lab? can every researcher have his/her own lab at Yale
49:28@Adedoyin22:Does Yale advise well for people who want MD PhDs? Also, please compare MD PhD to PhD during residency
52:10@Adedoyin22:I meant is it better to gat a PhD after medical school (while in residency) or to do a combined MD PhD program.
53:36@goldenretriever1:what is your minor? How does distribution requirement work at Yale?
55:39@Adedoyin22:Are an biology classes taught with the flipped classroom model or only lecture based? What other teaching techniques does Yale use?
58:42@goldenretriever1:how did you do research during covid (assuming when lab is closed?
60:23@Payita:Is it important to be published as part of a research paper for your Med School application?
61:47@Adedoyin22:What resource do you think more premeds should take advantage of?
63:02@goldenretriever1:could you speak about the most important skills to develop for a serious researcher? again thank you :)
64:49@Adedoyin22:Can you complete premed requirements while studying abroad? How about while researching abroad?
68:53@Adedoyin22:If you could change anything about Yale what would it be?
70:28@goldenretriever1:as a school what's Yale's growth initiatives?
72:39@goldenretriever1:do you remember what you did Junior year summer in high school?


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