How to get into an Ivy League with Hale

Recorded Tuesday, July 13 at 10:00 PM

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Getting into an Ivy League is not a piece of cake - but with a little elbow grease, you could be well on your way there. Join Hale as he goes through the academic, extracurricular, and other requirements for gaining that coveted admissions letter. As a recent graduate of Yale, Hale will be providing expert advice, so be sure to put all your questions for him in the chat! He will be available to answer anything Ivy-specific or admissions-related in general!

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Undergrad College: Yale University '21

Work Experience: I am a senior at Yale and excited to begin my fifth admissions cycle working with CollegeVine. After four years of working directly with students, I can't wait to engage with the people and the process in new and innovative ways online.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Hale and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
35:18@Eden0Leeann:I'm autistic and had a hard time with freshman year because of that. Is that something I should mention or leave it be because it was just the first year?
36:18@GamingHero812:Will colleges know that courses such as AP Chem and AP Physics are more rigorous than courses like AP Psych and AP Env Sci? Also, what about the difference in the rigor of dual credit versus AP?
38:29@Neil.A:Will joining several clubs and sports boost my chances to join Ivy League schools?
44:10@Felicitas:My school doesn't allow us to take rigorous classes until our junior and senior years. Juniors are allowed to only 1. We do not have dual enrollment classes or IB. Would this decrease my chances? I try to take as many honors and AP my senior year.
45:05@LukeA:If I decide to go into the financial field and have my AP courses set to it but then decide to switch to engineering, would that be a big problem going into college?
50:51@Noor.hey:Why doesn’t the college vine college search engine (chances engine) also include BSMD programs? I was looking at college vine’s blog for BSMDS and it isn’t updated (some colleges have removed the program)…is there a new list?
62:47@jcamper24: If you are the first in your class but you have a small class size of around 30-60, will that affect how strong that achievement will appear on an application?


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