In for the win: how to get into Princeton

Recorded Monday, July 26 at 11:00 PM

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Princeton University

Princeton, NJ

The In for the win series is back - did you miss us? If you're interested in the most highly ranked school in the nation, don't miss Elias' breakdown of how to get into Princeton!

We'll cover important topics such as the nuances surrounding Princeton's acceptance rate, the academic and extracurricular preparation necessary for admission, and how to write the school's supplemental essays.

School information

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ
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Undergrad College: Harvard University '17

Major: Music

Graduate College: University of Michigan, M.M.

Work Experience: Now in my fourth year at CollegeVine, I have helped dozens of students gain acceptance to their top-choice schools and have also advised and mentored thousands more through my livestreams. Apart from my work at CV, I am also a professional conductor and a multi-instrumentalist. I currently serve as the music director of the Apollo Ensemble of Boston, and I have led symphonic concerts and operatic productions throughout the United States.

My Admissions Story: Initially interested in pursuing a career as a performing cellist, I applied almost exclusively to music schools with dual and double degree options and ultimately enrolled in the Tufts University/New England Conservatory Dual Degree Program. Unhappy with the combined program and worried I'd never feel like I was fully a student at either school, I logged back into in October of my freshman year. I can't say I went about the transfer process in the smartest way (I only applied to two schools!), but Harvard miraculously accepted me (or 'excepted me' as I wrote in a celebratory Facebook post that day - no one ever let me live that one down), and the rest was history.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Elias and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
0:00@mich5250:Thanks Priya!
0:00@marci:Are you connected?
1:02@Sijo:Cant see anything yet - was it fixed ?
1:39@mich5250:It's working!
2:25@mich5250:i'm returning XD
7:35@sidney:In for the win: Northwestern!
8:40@marci:Simone Biles
8:43@marci:Be sure to speak about eating clubs. HYPE?
16:37@sidney:Have been watching ur livestreams for almost 1 year
16:44@mich5250:Is it possible/allowed to apply via both the common app and coalition app
43:28@sidney:How easy is it to switch engineering and non-engineering majors at Princeton?
44:31@snsh5713:What is your projection for this upcoming admissions year?
45:13@MiguelGarcia:Our daughter wants to apply to Architecture major. Does she needs to show a portfolio when she applies Princeton? Thank you.
45:38@KSR:Hi Elias, I have two questions: 1. I live in Princeton, so will that be an advantage for me? 2. I have a job as an Assets Manager at a real estate company. The job usually requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics or business. I manage 325k in assets and 60k+ in revenue. Is this a Tier 1 Activity and how impactful can it be for my application to Princeton, given that academics and essays meet the threshold for Princeton?
47:23@KSR:I am a high-schooler Elias…Class of 2023!
47:52@marci:I am not sure your calculator works for Canadians with percentage grades and not "GPA's
49:00@sidney:Why is Princeton so similar to UChicago?
49:07@marci:It is 90 average after 3 years
49:28@KSR:What tier should i put my job on the college vine ecs list. Should it be Tier B, C, or D? Thank you!
49:41@Parent24:Where would a Brazilian fit in terms of demographics?
49:46@mich5250:What about Africans?
50:14@Parent24:4 yrs foreign language in total right? Not straight 4 years?
50:22@MiguelGarcia:I ask them. If any student pass the AP language test with 3,4,5 one year is enough to apply Princeton because is valid for 4 years.
50:51@KSR:Does having excellent extracurriculars (which is what the CollegeVine Chance Calculator says for me for Princeton) but having no significant awards a drawback. My ecs follow a theme of econ and political science which is somewhat that i will be applying to Princeton.
52:06@mich5250:You stated Asians are expected to better in SATs, what about africans?
52:26@jlividini:How important is it to reach out to Admissions DIrectors prior to the application being submitted
71:43@sidney:Elias, what is the best supplemental essay you’ve ever read?
72:52@mich5250:Sorry for the misunderstanding, how are non-US-citizens from Africa expected to do on standardized tests?
73:34@KSR:Is a 3.82 GPA UW; 4.24 W; 7 APs + Multivariable Calculus [college level]; 1540 SAT good enough for Princeton as an Asian American?
74:20@lama:Are Canadian consider to be international student?
74:28@KSR:My freshman gpa UW was a 3.7 but after that every year was 3.9+ gpa. Will my freshman gpa affect my chances at Princeton?
75:32@sidney:Best supplemental essay from UChicago lol.
75:59@aida.sall2023:Sorry this is a bit off topic from the prompts but I have a quick question - is it true that Princeton doesn't look at freshman year grades? I've heard that Princeton and Stanford apparently re-calculate your GPA with just sophomore and junior year instead of the three years but I'm not sure if its true lol
76:37@sidney:What is it like to study in Austria, Elias? Are classes taught in German? I’m considering applying for some universities there.
79:00@eleanor:how big are the classes
79:15@aida.sall2023:yeah sorry my computer glitched haha
79:19@KSR:Since I live in Princeton, do I have to live on campus freshman year if admitted?
79:21@KSR:Or can i ask for an exemption?
79:48@lilygonzalez:Could a good grade in the IB diploma programme (40-45) compensate for a bit of academic lacking (low Bs) at the start of high school?
80:39@sidney:What is the biggest difference between Harvard and Princeton?
82:27@sidney:I’ve heard it is pretty complicated to double major at Harvard, is it true?
82:30@mich5250:You should go to sleep now Elias :)
84:14@KSR:Thank you!
84:15@eleanor:thank you


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