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Recorded Sunday, October 31 at 12:30 AM

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About this livestream


Join Priya for an installment of our Live Essay Review!

During this event (designed specifically for current high school students), Priya will select a few pieces of writing submitted by the audience to review LIVE on air. Any type of writing is welcome in this review — college and scholarship essays, papers for class, articles for your school’s newspaper, or even personal projects of your own. For each piece, Priya will walk through what you’ve written, paying particular attention to any special review requests, and offer suggestions for improvement.

You can submit an essay for review to this form!

Your host

Undergrad College: University of California, Los Angeles '20

Major: Psychology

Work Experience: I have been working at CollegeVine for two years in various capacities, including mentoring students, editing hundreds of essays, and creating blog content. I have also interned in healthcare consulting.

My Admissions Story: I am extremely grateful for all the help I received as an applicant and want to pay it forward by demystifying the admissions process for others.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Priya and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
0:00@CeCE:Hi, I go by Cece for short and I am excited about tonight's live stream!
0:00@gsharmss19:Hi, I'm gunjan! I'm freaking out about college apps but excited to get some tips on my essays! :/
0:00@shodes:do you have a lot of essays already?
0:00@Chloe22:Hello, I'm Chloe, and I hope everything goes well! (I'm applying to college so that I can become a biologcal researcher!)
0:00@Chloe22:(I feel you, gunjan.)
0:32@ClaudiaS:Michigan parent here!
0:34@summerorbanwrites:Hi I'm Summer! Currently applying to ten colleges, looking to major in Political Science with a minor in Journalism.
35:44@DanielAlper:Oh my god. Thanks so much!
41:37@AKDub:for a lot of officers, isnt "for as long as I can remember" kinda a pet peeve?
49:03@summerorbanwrites:It's the determination for me <3
49:11@shodes:Shoot! Are essays supposed to have titles? In the applications?
56:59@JonathanCohen:Maybe you could give just topic or general style feedback so you could go through more short essays (really appreciate the extra time btw)
57:12@Zaina:oh my god thank you so much
64:21@gsharmss19:please look at my short essay (why nyu?)
72:04@AKDub:Are you only doing short essays?
72:16@DebaterMAX:What work of art, music, science, mathematics, literature, or other media has surprised, unsettled, or inspired you, and in what way? UVA prompt submitted at 3:23 CST. CV keeps deleting so reposting at top. 250 word :-)
83:54@AKDub:My essay starts with "I have seen the face of god, but I don't believe in him"
84:04@JonathanCohen:Which do you like best so far?
85:34@summerorbanwrites:What's a common way to ruin your essay that not a lot of people know about?
86:28@CeCE:Do admission ever tell you why you weren't accepted into their college?
86:33@CeCE:Or vice versa on why you got accepted into their college?
87:36@Miyosasaki_manjima:hey where to do bachelors of science for medical in NYC since I just want to!!
87:59@anvi:I feel like there are some parts of my essay that are more informative than personal. How would I best combat that?
88:36@summerorbanwrites:Should you write about your disability in an ivy league essay or is it too much of a risk?
89:18@EMBEE:Are essays supposed to have titles? In the applications?
89:36@Gabi.Thury:Can write a 3rd person common app essay be a risk? I am writing like a ""play"" . Intro, act 1 , 2 and 3. And a post credit scene. The "protagonist " is me
90:08@Daniel_lance:I wrote a covid essay? I am dead or is it okay if it a rly good? (It at 4:57pm)
100:01@EMBEE:should you have a lead in line or lines before you jump into the action
100:14@HelloHome:Tips for having the balance between supplemental essays being both varied and having some theme or through-line?
101:46@DebaterMAX:so thankful
102:01@Erhuvwu:Hi, I’m Erhuvwu. I’m planning on majoring in Architecture. I’m very nervous about the college application process because of my essay. I could use a lot of help.
102:02@Zaina:Hello! I am Zaina and I am so excited for any advice I can get on essay writing and the college application process as a whole! Nice to see you :)
102:10@gsharmss19: i was wondering if you could review my why nyu essay? thanks so much for all your help!! :))
102:15@DanielAlper:Hi, I am sorry for the awkward request, but I have an essay due tomorrow for Yale which I'm very insecure about. I have been working on that application for moths, and it would be incredible if you could help me. My essay is appropriately named "Please! My common app essay due tomorrow!". Thank you so much in advance.
102:22@Zaina:Hey! I'd definitely be comfortable with you going over my essay today. It is the Common App essay that starts with "Many people are afraid of the night." No worries if you can't though :)
102:29@CeCE:UF Essay please if you can
102:40@KaiSlosser:If we submit an essay to you over the next two days, is the consultation free?
102:45@DanielAlper:Thank you, this is amazing feedback.
102:47@hocuspoquis:Hi! My name is Ryan, and I'm looking to major in a combination of biomedical engineering, musical composition, or humanities!
103:11@dsam:are you guys doing another livestream tomorrow to help with essays due nov 1?
103:13@JonathanCohen:Is an impersonal essay a automatic no at ivy league? For example, hhow would the good, non-descriptive essays here fair?
103:20@Ronil:cannot submit . We get this msg- All experts are booked today. Don't worry, you can try again tomorrow!
103:26@DebaterMAX:College Of Arts and Science
103:29@JonathanCohen:is a flawed essay, specifically too impersonal, an automatic rejection? For example today's essays - some were really good, but impersonal
103:48@dsam:how long does it take to receive feedback on essays?
104:00@vrnallapati:hi please let me know if you are still reviewing essays?
104:17@foreign_nerd:Thank you for helping us out
104:19@Gabi.Thury:I can't afford a formal review but thanks for this. Hope mine is okay
104:37@gsharmss19:Thank you soo much!!!
105:58@JonathanCohen:More specifically: Will an impersonally descriptive essay like determination or first one yield an auotmatic no? Or will it simply not be a strong part of the app
106:00@zain04:If I want to put a title on my Common App essay should I put it in bold or press tab so it gets to the middle of the submission box?
107:35@summerorbanwrites:Thank you Priya!!!
107:37@dsam:thank you!
107:39@vrnallapati:do you have any other session tomorrow for essay review?

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