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Recorded Tuesday, December 21 at 09:00 PM

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Join Shravya for another great installment of her awesome live profile reviews! Shravya will be reviewing real, anonymized profiles from viewers like you and sharing her evaluation of their academics, extracurriculars, and overall strength. She’ll also be recommending improvements and estimating your chances at different universities.

Submit a profile for personalized support or stick around the whole time to get a better idea of what a strong admissions profile looks like. To submit your profile for review, please use this form!

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Undergrad College: Rice University '20

Work Experience: During my time at Rice, I mentored dozens of high school students through the college application process, along with editing essays and tutoring students for the ACT/SAT. I also interned at a medical technology startup, conducted research in Brazil, and gave a TEDx talk. I recently finished applying to medical school; I've been admitted to multiple schools, and will be starting in the Fall.

My Admissions Story: I remember feeling very blindsided by the admissions process and not knowing where to begin. I hope that sharing my experiences and some of the things I’ve learned along the way will help guide other students in a similar boat.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Shravya and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
6:42@hihowareya:Would the bank of america student leaders internship count as a tier 1 activity (a selective internship that has about a 3% acceptance rate that shows students the business side of non profits)
6:45@Aristos_Pap:i can see
15:03@Lisablack:The application is mine! the essay competition was in physics
15:36@mani.kumar159226:Do you have an email id where I can send my profile for reveiw.
16:06@Lisablack:I can't take SAT due to Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan, even in March 2022. Would it really affect my admission?
23:07@Lisablack:sorry. I joined late. Could you talk about whether my academics are strong enough? I mean without national examinations and IB.
30:45@maramara:i am an international student and i go to the no1 ranked highschool in my country so it is a really hard school and my gpa is like a 3.5. do you think they'll forgive some bad grades because of how challenging the highschool is?
32:49@hihowareya:I'm thinking about going into an economics and statistics double major but my strongest extracurriculars are more business oriented... what are some good economic tier 1 activities
46:35@maramara:is there any way you can check profiles submitted during the live in the remaining time?
46:38@KiraMc09:I also want to apply to Harvard (I'm a Sophomore) and I haven't seen that man social sciences/humatities spike application do you have any advice?
58:07@NiaAvaAdams:im a sophomore who goes to an online highschool that doesn't offer any ap classes or extracurriculars... what can I do to improve my profile? I'd like to major in social sciences, possibly at Columbia university
60:21@KiraMc09:I was thinking about 1) being a page for Congress (I live outside of D.C), 2) doing a summer leadership program that only chooses 15 students at my high school to go along with my political science stuff (I'm in the Student Government Association), 3) An internship that I got in policy at Our National Conversation. What tiers would these be?
62:08@NiaAvaAdams:ooh ok, yeah i'm looking at atudying psychology, and becoming a student counselour


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