Extracurriculars 101 with Moriah

Recorded Wednesday, January 5 at 12:00 AM

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About this livestream


In this stream, Moriah gives you the breakdown on extracurriculars! If you want to know what our signature catchphrase, "spiky beats renaissance," means, then join Moriah as she walks you through CollegeVine's best advice on approaching extracurriculars (so your "spike" can beat the all-too-common "renaissance" candidate).

Moriah will give you a rundown on how to cultivate a strong narrative through your extracurriculars, and administer plenty of tips and tricks you'll need in order to find your spike and make your profile stand out to admissions officers.

Come prepared to drop all your admissions-related questions in the chat, where Moriah will answer them live!

Your host

Undergrad College: Cornell University '21

Major: Policy Analysis & Management

Work Experience: Outside of mentoring students on CollegeVine, I’m interested in finance and it’s intersection with the fashion industry. I currently work in finance for an international consumer packaged goods company.

My Admissions Story: Throughout high school I was especially interested in math and science and focused my college applications on schools with good science and pre-med programs. When I got to college I took my first introductory chemistry class with an incredibly difficult professor (he is one of the AP Chemistry test writers every year). After that, I decided to switch gears and focus on public policy as another way that I could help people.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Moriah and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
1:10@Norah_111:OMG i literally live in Ithaca!!
4:58@StarGirl:We see it!
19:17@Norah_111:If your extracurriculars were STEM related can you please tell us what you did?
24:19@Edmund:Hi! If most of my activities ended up being in tier 2 but were not able to achieve any tier 1 activity, will it impact my chances of getting into a competitive university?
25:15@pita5:what tier would starting a club be?
26:01@Pavishan:What was your top extracurricular and how did you think it improved your chances of getting into cornell.
27:27@Skazi:I’m a junior and my question. Is kind of specific- I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what extra curricular an automobile lover could do.
28:34@Sierra_21:Do you recommend getting involved in internships in a spike area?
28:45@162007A1--:Could you please suggest some Medical online extracurriculars?
28:53@162007A1--:Could you please suggest some Medical online extracurriculars?
29:04@Norah_111:What do you think of free prestigious summer programs like MITES? What do you think of nonprofit organizations?
29:21@abs13:Can you pls elaborate no what makes an activity a Tier-1?
29:50@Mimi_5:Is it too late to do extracurriculars for junior
30:34@StarGirl:If you get into a prestigious summer research camp at a top 10 university (one that's free and merit based) what tier would that be?
30:47@Norah_111:what are some good stuff to do over the summer?
31:00@sadia:Hi. I have a question. So in my high school, there is a lot of extracurricular like debate, key club, Mathletes, and many more. So I personally like most of the clubs at high school and joined almost all of them. I actually do most activities and I am the president of most of them maybe a tier 4 activities, but my problem is many people have advised me to only take a few of the colleges thinks it is too much.
33:32@pita5:what are some other examples of tier 1 extracurriculars besides winning national awards?
34:03@Norah_111:I am a middle eastern american, what ecs ideas do you have to help me make this stand out from other applicants?
34:16@Pavishan:i'm a sophmore planning on graduating early going into biochem and philosophy, currently I have extracurriculars that revolve around writing bc I'm on the journalism team for yearbook, on the communications team for music council, in the works of writing a book, starting a book club, etc and as well as many running sports. How do I adjust my extracurriculars in order to fall under those two majors.
34:31@Labake:Off topic! But I only took 3 AP courses between my freshman and sophmore years (with plenty of honors courses), but I'm taking 5 APs this year as a senior. Will the 5 APs that I'm taking this year still look good for my application or will I be at a disadvantage because I don't have scores for them yet?
36:53@Abhinav15:Hi, my question is qualifying for USAMO a tier 1 activity, or is moving on to IMO a tier 1 activity
37:33@pita5:is fundraising a lot of money for an important cause considered a top tier extracurricular?
40:02@Norah_111:what are ur ecs that were tier 1/2
42:40@Pavishan:How important would you say extracurriculars are compared to gpa and essays?
44:27@Norah_111:what do u think made you stand out for Cornell?
45:43@Pavishan:Can you update universities on things you accomplish senior year and will those be taken into account?
45:45@Pavishan:Do universities look at your first semester marks in your senior year for admissions?
45:49@Norah_111:some ideas on starting or creating a non profit?
48:10@Norah_111:how where you able to get an intern for the hillary clinton campaign?
50:17@Abhinav15:For the top 25 schools, where do you think your gpa should be for you to even be considered?
50:42@Pavishan:Does extracurriculars take volunteering into account? Is so, where did you volunteer?
53:18@pita5:will having 2 b's hinder chances of getting into a top school?
53:26@Lila:i performed at carnegie and won a monetary award, but it was before high school. would that still count on my app? if so, what tier?
53:52@Pavishan:How many universities should you apply to? Are extracurricular expectations different for different ivy leagues?
54:48@jo1291:I (10th grade) attend a private school and there is no clubs at my school. Im attending 2 clubs that are outside but dont have any other clubs available to me. do you have any tips?
56:01@Lila:my school offers about 18 aps, and i'm planning on taking 10, is that enough?
56:20@Julia2:Does IB vs AP make a difference in admissions selection?
57:27@pita5:would starting something like a blog or podcast only be valuable to put on an application if it gained a large audience?
58:46@162007A1--:Having middle or high A in most classes and low A in few classes can give me chances in top school?
60:14@Pavishan:Should we strive to fill all 10 slots for extracurriculs and if so how do we decide which not to include? Should I include an arts portfolio although I don't plan on majoring in the arts in order to showcase additional talents?
61:50@Skazi:Are colleges able to see all GPAs or the average at the end of High school


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