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Recorded Friday, January 14 at 11:00 PM

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Georgetown University

Washington, DC

Join Alex, a recent Georgetown University graduate, as he breaks down Georgetown's admissions process, discussing what it takes to get in. He'll describe the kind of academics and extracurricular achievements, tests scores, and grades you'll need to maximize your chances of acceptance, and he'll give a detailed breakdown of Georgetown's admitted freshman class.

We'll also have a Q&A segment at the end of the session, so come prepared with all your questions about Georgetown!

School information

Georgetown University

Washington, DC
Your host

Undergrad College: University of California, Los Angeles '20

Major: Psychology

Work Experience: I have been working at CollegeVine for two years in various capacities, including mentoring students, editing hundreds of essays, and creating blog content. I have also interned in healthcare consulting.

My Admissions Story: I am extremely grateful for all the help I received as an applicant and want to pay it forward by demystifying the admissions process for others.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Priya and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
7:03@jper:hi. yes
7:06@alyssa_moyer:Hi Alex!
7:07@KarinaB:Yes, we can hear you!
7:14@ZacharyTouger:Hi Alex!
7:16@lailaa13:Hi Alex! Do you recommend getting a summer job as a high schooler?
7:18@aq16:Hi Alex, did you participate in any of the Georgetown Summer Highschool Academies?
7:20@mgray:What advice would you give for preparing for an alumni interview?
7:23@Mackenziekh:Yes we can!
7:25@Brendan_G:Yes, all good!
7:29@alyssa_moyer:I can see it
7:31@sara.dietsch:I can see it!
7:34@Ingrid:we can see it!
7:36@ZacharyTouger:I can see it
9:50@sara.dietsch:I can't wait to meet Jack!!
11:13@JeffBEzos:Hi! Just came in Did I miss anything important?
12:25@Gnk006:I see the slide
12:27@Samar:can see it!
12:42@alyssa_moyer:I see it!
17:06@fictnl:A few minutes? More like a few weeks!
17:09@DanielS:How are rec letters transferred if they have their own system?
18:54@DanielS:Thank you!
19:02@jper:what type of mens lacrosse is there?
25:12@jper:are nursing school and health services splitting
26:28@rramku1510:Why are some schools bolded?
32:22@abbyt:How competitive is Walsh School of Foreign Service
33:57@eyesabel:does georgetown require more than 2 language credits for high schoolers to have
34:17@sydney33:Did you have to have prior knowledge of Russian before minoring in it?
34:22@fictnl:J'adore le francais!
34:24@Gnk006:What majors are in the Georgetown college?
34:47@loreleim:does gerogetown accept language credits from a high school class that was college level (I take college Italian 103 through university of Albany)
34:50@Caroline_z:notre francais est tres bien
35:01@eyesabel:does georgetown require languages for high schoolers?
35:03@Gnk006:What about writing majors?
35:05@Netrang:Does Georgetown offer dual degree in sciences?
36:39@fictnl:Did you get to study abroad when you were a French minor?
37:05@sophielc:Does Georgetown have a dance team?
37:12@lexi09:would a biology major be in Georgetown College or the School of Nursing and Health Studies?
37:20@mika57:Thank you!
37:22@kaylt:Do you think they'll have the crew summer camp this year since they cancelled it the last few years
37:23@mika57:Is there an Early Decision deadline? If so, when is it?
37:31@Gnk006:So, if your interested in the political science type of majors what school would you apply to?
37:32@Sm123:So if I’m interested in political science do I apply to the college or school of foreign service?
37:35@dani-dan:You said that you studied Russian as well as French, how was your language learning experience at Georgetown?
37:36@sagarwal13:when do you apply for the law school? Also is there a six year program for law or is it only seven?
37:39@lulu.rector:Hi! Are admission rates lower for students applying to the College with an intent to major in political science?
37:44@abbyt:which is the most selective school
37:48@eyesabel:does georgetown have film opportunities?
37:54@jper:what percent of juniors study abroad? Are you restricted to which school abroad you go to? Per major?
38:00@rramku1510:How’s the natural sciences program at Georgetown? (I’m considering majoring in chem)
38:05@Sm123:Whats thw diff between the public policy and school of foreign service. Im interested in political science and business
38:08@JeffBEzos:McCourt isn't an option on the app when choosing your school and major?
38:10@ZacharyTouger:Can you cross minor across different schools. For example could I major in the Walsh School of FS and minor in the Georgetown College?
38:20@sagarwal13:when do you apply for the law school? Also is there a six year program for law or is it only seven?
38:23@Samar:If you took a language in middle school (but for high school credit) , and a second year of language in high school, does that meet the requirements?
38:29@ellahp04:is there a good psychology program?
40:03@Varun2:How difficult is it for Indians to get into Georgetown college computer science major
40:08@bricheese:When majoring in linguistics, do you get to study multiple other languages? Instead of majoring, for example, French, and only studying French.
45:45@Kakaka:Is it harder to transfer into SFS from college?
45:48@JeffBEzos:I'm applying for Business and Global Affairs at SFS. Any specific tips I should know?
45:50@JeffBEzos:Yup, thanks!
45:52@anjalidarji:maybe this is odd by then why would I not apply to the one with the high rate and then transfer?
53:47@katief:is there a study abroad program?
53:51@rramku1510:What is an alumni interview?
55:56@Kakaka:How do you get an alumni interview?
56:45@DanielS:What's the benefit of an alumni interview?
58:38@Gnk006:Do you give athletic scholarships?
58:40@rramku1510:What do you mean by the admission rate varies based on the program?
58:46@DanielS:What is the workload of a minor vs major, what about language minors specifically?
58:48@Farfee24:What if you want to take a medicine-related major? What school do you go to?
58:51@ZacharyTouger:If I want to incorporate Journalism/Broadcast into my degree how would you recommend I do so?
59:29@JeffBEzos:I thought that Walsh was the least selective according to Class of 2026's EA statistics
59:31@DanielS:Do you know anything about the new FSF-MacDonough new joint major degree?
59:33@anjalidarji:Is there no public policy undergrad?
59:45@eyesabel:what other georgetown programs exist for journalism?
59:56@JeffBEzos:I'm applying for Business and Global Affairs at SFS. Any specific tips I should know?
60:00@swason:I love hearing about your experience! I was wondering what our highschool transcript should be composed of. What is the average GPA? What extra curriculars should I be doing?
60:02@Gnk006:Does the college have good creative writing or writing majors in general?
60:05@Gnk006:How many core classes can you avoid taking if you take AP classes in highschool?
60:08@alyssa_moyer:How difficult are the Georgetown final exams?
60:10@dan_:How much weight is put on extracurriculars in an application in general (compared to other factors).
60:12@mika57:If you are interested in SFS and languages, is it possible to do both? (Potentially minor in languages, and major in a specific area in SFS)
60:14@fictnl:What was your admissions essays about Alex?
60:19@sagarwal13:what is the the typical sat range needed for Georgetown?
60:32@date:if i want to pursue a career in a language study like comparative literature , do i need to learn the language beforehand
60:34@lexi09:What are the acceptance rates for early action vs. regular decision?
60:37@JeffBEzos:Unique tips for Georgetown's Alumni Interview? I have mine tomorrow :)
60:39@Gnk006:How many core classes can you avoid taking if you take AP classes in highschool?
60:43@loreleim:does Georgetown accept language credits from a high school class that was college level (I take college Italian 103 through university of Albany)
60:44@f293:do they email you about the alumni interview after submission of the george town application or the application supplement?
60:47@DanielS:Do they value the ACT or SAT more than the other?
61:10@Benn:Hi! I'm a high school junior and I would love to know about the activities you involved yourself in inside and outside of school. Did you attend summer programs? What do you think was the best thing about your application?
65:37@DanielS:Is there Early Decision (binding) or only Early Action?
65:51@Gnk006:How many core classes can you avoid taking if you take AP classes in highschool?
65:54@JeffBEzos:Any specific tips for the Georgetown Interview? What's different about succeeding in their interview than for other schools?
65:55@fictnl:Do primary readers ever eliminate applicants?
65:58@sydney33:What's a good amount of AP classes to take each year if your school offers a lot of them (20+)?
65:59@Caroline_z:is it okay to have 2 bs in junior year if you take 5 difficult aps?
66:01@ellahp04:what scale do they use/how do they convert GPA to their own?
69:27@mika57:Realistically, How much weight does junior year really have on an application?
69:43@swason:Do schools compare your prior years to your junior year grades to look at growth?
69:45@mika57:How does taking a Post-Graduate year affect your application?
100:54@mqw005:If you get deferred, is there something you can do to better your chances of getting in?
101:01@Ingrid:how do dual credit classes compare to APs?
101:04@pabreu:My interviewer has not responded, what do you recommend?
101:06@abbyt:is that 4-5 in both years or culminatively
101:10@ellahp04:4-5 each year or between both?
101:15@Sm123:Your chance calculator doesn’t really make sense I have a1560 sat and a 3.95 but it says I need to improve both?
101:18@abbyt:the letter W?
101:20@JeffBEzos:Any specific tips for the Georgetown Interview? What's different about succeeding in their interview than for other schools?
101:23@TessV:How many essays are required?
101:28@NicholasPhan:GU is a Liberal or Conservative in your opinion?
101:31@kelsey:is there a large religious presence/feel on campus?
101:34@Benn:I feel that I am in a situation where I want to explore my interests more with certain classes however theyre mostly honors or even regular classes ex. game design, arts, etc. I would love to take these classes but I refrain from doing so because my gpa would be affected. Would only taking AP/IB classes be seen negatively without any honors?
101:36@jhaythorn:How important are leadership roles in activities w/ regard to acceptance?
101:39@abbyt:what is a EC that always boosts chances
101:41@eyesabel:we love human geo
101:44@Benn:Are AICE classes looked upon as lesser when compared to AP classes? Is there any judgement at all considering that they have different "natures"
101:53@f293:are their online resources we can use to convert weighted gpa to the scale georgetown uses?
101:57@eyesabel:does community college classes go into course rigor
102:00@kemperrodi:Does Georgetown take ACT scores or just SAT? Is one recommended over the other for Georgetown?
102:03@kaylt:Should you submit both your ACT and SAT if you do well in both scores?
102:06@Caroline_z:is a 1400 sat okay to submit?
102:10@rramku1510:So test optional for ppl applying this fall (2022)? Or test optional for ppl who applied fall 2021?
102:11@abbyt:What is the ideal SAT score for a Georgetown applicant
102:14@Mackenziekh:How would lower scores in certain sections of the ACT and SAT affect your application?
102:18@eyesabel:does georgetown superscore or place more emphasis on a reading/math score depending on intended major
103:19@rahuviyengar:how would research on Covid-19 in a university with a few B's look on an application?
103:23@JFro:In terms of extracurriculars, how much would it matter to be club president, team captain, or a club officer versus simply being a member of several extracurricular activities?
123:02@f293:isn't there also a required essay about your "special talents or skills"
135:30@EG46:How do we get a recording of the Livestream?
158:41@ShaylanGupta:Thanks, Alex and Priya, this was very helpful. Have a great night!


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