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Recorded Tuesday, January 18 at 10:00 PM

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About this livestream


Join Alexander Oddo as he hosts his an exclusive Q&A livestream at CollegeVine! Alex is a recent graduate of Georgetown University, where he majored in History and minored in French and Russian.

Alex will be discussing his college admissions journey, and answering questions about his experiences as a student in D.C. Since 2018, Alex has been helping students like you get into Top 25 universities, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to get his advice.

Stop in to ask a few questions or stick around for the whole hour to get to know our newest livestream host!

Your host

Undergrad College: Georgetown University '21

Major: History; Minors in French and Russian

Work Experience: The college applications process is all about responding to one question: who are you? I am passionate about helping students craft a creative answer. I have been helping students gain admission to the T25 schools of their dreams since 2018, when I first started working for CollegeVine as an Applications Consultant, and later, blog writer. Soon after graduating from Georgetown, I started my own company to make college advising my career. I currently mentor students through one-on-one consulting sessions and essay editing.

My Admissions Story: My admissions journey began with a desire to dive into the humanities and have an adventure of self-discovery. I applied to East Coast liberal arts schools that value creativity and specialize in teaching languages, history, and international affairs. One thin deferral letter came in the fall, a thicker envelope came in the spring, and with that, I was accepted to my dream school — Georgetown University!

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Alexander and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
12:05@loading...:Hi! I have a friend whose parents both work at a top-20 school. One is faculty and one is a high-level staff member. Assuming my friend is academically-qualified for the school, how do you think this would affect her admissions chances?
17:18@Emmaunel:Hiii If my GPA is 3.05 can I also get admitted into prestigious university.
22:34@Emmaunel:I want to study computer science at pricenton university and I have a D in physics will I still be accepted .
26:52@ReeseMc:so many other tests online are telling me I have a 2% chance of getting in why does this one say 69%??
27:30@ReeseMc:let me go more in depth with my last question. I screwed myself for going to college all of high school and how its my senior year and i found a huge interest in going to Eastern Michigan University and its not that hard to get into but i have a 2.07 GPA and a SAT score of 810. i didn't try on the SAT at ALL. but now i have no idea what to do to get in but im pretty much willing to do anything to get into EMU a lot of online tests are saying i have a 2% chance of getting into EMU but this one is saying a 67%
32:20@ReeseMc:I believe i can retake the SAT in april
45:21@ReeseMc:If i write a letter of recommendation who in my life should be the one to write it?
52:59@ReeseMc:I have a great teacher for this. I was a bit of a problem student the first 3 years of highschool but this teacher has seen my interest in computers and going to college do you think thats the right way to go ?
56:12@ReeseMc:I HAVE HOPE
58:17@alyssa_moyer:How did you come across jobs that you enjoyed while you were in college?
64:31@alyssa_moyer:Thank you!!
67:59@Fvr-purpose3:As Covid-19 seems to be a part new way to live how would that reflect jobs, as you were speaking on, because a lot jobs are going Virtual would that still have the same impact as bring more of a well rounded person in the field of study while in college
78:33@alyssa_moyer:How do you ace job interviews?
80:56@sagecarina:Would you reccomend applying to all schools you want to go to even if they are reaches?
82:37@Fvr-purpose3:What are your recommendation of how many college applications to fill out and how early do I need to start, I'm in middle school?


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