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Recorded Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 10:00 PM

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Marist College

Poughkeepsie, NY

Ask current Marist students questions about academics, campus life, dorm living, and more. Livestream viewers will get to vote on questions and ask their own!

Meet the panelists: Mandy, Jon, Emily, Chris

Mandy is currently a senior at Marist, she is originally from Miami, FL. Currently majoring in Cyber Security with a minor in Computer Science, Information Technology and Information Systems. On campus Mandy is heavily involved with the Marist Ambassador program, has a greeter, tour guide, and student assistant and currently sits on the Marist Student Ambassador Leadership Board. She also has an on-campus job with Physical Plant and loves exploring the surrounding towns during her free time!

Jonathan is a senior at Marist College, majoring in Chemistry-Biochemistry. At Marist, Jonathan is a member of the student leadership boards for the Ambassador Program and the American Chemical Society. Additionally, Jonathan is a tour guide, teaching assistant, and tutor. Jonathan is also an active member of the Honors Program and has completed several research projects within the program. Most notably, Jonathan has worked on understanding the metabolic regulation of epigenetics and analyzing the ethical implications of brain-machine interfaces. In addition to his work in the Honors Program, Jonathan has completed research in several different labs. He began working under the direction of Dr. Fitzgerald, where he aided in the development of an in-situ method to detect the presence of fungi in barley. Jonathan's work under Dr. Fitzgerald led to his first publication. Jonathan is now working under the direction of Dr. Checchi, where he is studying the effects of the Mi-2/NuRD complex on reproduction and fertility.

Emily is a senior at Marist College, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. On campus, she is a tour guide and a member of the student leadership board for the Ambassador Program. Since 2018, she has been an active member on the Marist Women’s Rugby Team. Over the course of the Fall 2020 semester, Emily will be working towards her Emerging Leader Program certificate. She is passionate about motivating others which led her to work with Non-Profits in the Hudson Valley this Fall.

Christopher is a Junior at Marist College from Flushing, NY pursuing a Media Studies and Production Major with a Concentration in Film and Television as well as a Minor in Communications. He works as a tour guide for the admissions department and works heavily with the Marist Ambassador program. Along with that, Christopher is also the President, Coach, and a player on the Marist Club Baseball team.

School information

Marist College

Poughkeepsie, NY
Your host

Undergrad College: University of Pennsylvania '19

Major: English and Women’s Studies

Work Experience: I'm passionate about merging storytelling, psychology, and spirituality to co-create experiences that transform people. In addition to advising students with CollegeVine, I work as a life coach and freelance writer.

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