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First, a note about our platform

Karma is a whole new way to pay it forward

Karma is like money on CollegeVine

When we all work together, everyone goes farther. So you can earn Karma just by helping others or getting ready for college.

Earn it by being helpful

Invite your friends to CollegeVine, review other students’ essays, or answer their questions.

Spend it for help with college admissions

Win scholarships, get your essays reviewed, or ask questions from CollegeVine experts and a community of supportive peers.

How scholarships work on CollegeVine 🤓

Think this sounds too good to be true? Yeah, we get that a lot!

Here’s how we made CollegeVine free:

We believe that every student deserves expert guidance. To make that possible, access to the CollegeVine platform is free for students. We partner with colleges that pay to join our ecosystem and interact with students via virtual events and 1-1 connections.

There are zero ads on our site and you can rest assured that you are always in control of your personal data. Connections with colleges are student-initiated, meaning your profile is only shared if and when you opt-in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Karma?

Karma is like money on CollegeVine—you earn it by being helpful to other students and you can spend it on scholarship entries and to get help with college admissions.

Do I lose my Karma if I bid it?

When you place a bid for CollegeVine scholarships, your Karma is held until the time of the drawing. If you win, your Karma bid is exchanged for the cash prize. If you don’t win, that Karma bid is fully returned to you along with a bonus for participating, helping you get a little closer for next time!

What constitutes an entry?

Each Karma you bid is equal to one entry in the drawing.

What is a “Merit Multiplier”?

Your merit multiplier is a way to increase your chances of winning a CollegeVine scholarship. You can achieve merit multipliers by completing a diverse set of objectives on CollegeVine, all designed to help you get into your dream school, so we’re really just rewarding you for being proactive in your college admissions journey. If you achieve a Merit Multiplier, your Karma bid will be multiplied by your Merit Multiplier, increasing your number of entries into a drawing.

How is the winner selected?

The winner is selected at random, but remember, each Karma you bid represents one chance to win, and, if applicable, the “merit multiplier” will be applied to your bid to further increase your entries. For more information, see the “How it works” section above.

How is a winner verified?

We will ask for supporting documentation to validate a winner’s profile. Please verify that your CollegeVine account information is accurate before entering the drawing. Any intentionally false or fraudulent information will disqualify you from being able to claim the prize. Additionally, we track duplicate accounts that are used for the purposes of entering a drawing twice and will disqualify these as well.

What do I do if I win?

In addition to signed affidavit and release as is common for many scholarships, all we ask of our winners is to provide us with a short video of them accepting the award and answering a few questions about what their plans for college are. This helps us show the CollegeVine community that our awards are indeed being handed out to real people on a regular basis.

How will I get the money?

Because we know many families have struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to disburse prize payments directly to the winner via Venmo and Paypal for 2021 so that you can make use of it right away.

How can the money be used?

You can use the money for anything school-related: tuition, books, lodging, etc. Because we know many families have struggled with the COVID-19 Pandemic, for 2021, you may also use the funds for anything benefitting you in high school, even before you head to college.