7 months ago
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How beneficial is getting a Solidworks Associate Certification?

I'm pretty proficient in the Solidworks CAD software and they offer a certification if you take the test and get a good score. The thing is, the test costs $100 and I was just wondering how beneficial it would be in terms of college admissions to receive that certification. I intend to major in either CS or Mechanical Engineering.


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7 months ago

I don't think it ever hurts to have something like this on your application. But I'm not exactly sure how beneficial it will be. If you have other ECs which show your interest in CS or Engineering I think the certificate can help further show your dedication and passion which is a good thing.

Overall there might be a slight benefit but I'm doubtful having this test on your application would be the reason you get in somewhere. But, at the same time, it definitely won't hurt. It's just up to you to decide if $100 if worth a potential slight bump. Keep in mind the cert might help more for employment or internships which, if you can get one, would then definitely be worth it.


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