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Are these strong projected extracurriculars? (This is not a chance me)

(this should not be flagged, in no way is this intended to brag)

So I'm a freshman who wants to achieve the top extracurriculars. Right now, I have about 6 strong ones.

HOSA is one I'm considering. I'm passionate about medicinal studies. Is it prestigious?

Publishing poetry. I love writing so much. What tiers are these?

Creating a game. If I made a card game to help memorize something, is that good?

Also, any other great ec's would be helpful. Thanks!

@CameronBameron8 months ago

In the future, just ask 1 question, not 4 questions. And if you know you shouldn't be asking chancing related questions, don't skirt around CV policies and do it anyway. Just put your 6 ECs into the chancing profile and run it and see where you are at.

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Ok thanks. Sorry to be an inconvenience. I couldn't figure out what group or tier these would be classified in.

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8 months ago

Think about HOSA as you would any other extracurricular: nothing about it a priori that makes it better or worse than other clubs, and it depends on your level of achievement/leadership positions for how much it can boost your profile.

Publishing poetry: it depends on what level of poetry you are at. Are you a published author? Or are you somebody that loves writing poetry but hasn't gotten much recognition for your skills. The two will give you very different extracurricular profiles. Of course, if you are published, there will be the additional considerations of volume (have you published one poem or are there books of your work?) and prestige (are you getting published in your student paper or have you had a submissions included to a nationally recognized journal?).

If you made a card game to help memorize something, that's something that you can write about in your essays and will round you out as an applicant/be able to showcase your creative sides, but it won't rise to the level of a true extracurricular, unless the card game turns into a platform that lots of people use.

8 months ago

One, you need to pick a narrative and stick with it. This is a lot easier to do as a Freshmen than it is as a Senior. Tying poetry, coding, and medicine are hard but not impossible. I'd change the poetry to a hobby. Coding can actually be easily tied into medicine since both are STEM-oriented. There are quite a few ecs centered around medicine, and all are easy to find. My recommendation would be to open a google doc and start typing down things such as deadlines and so forth. It's what I do and it's very easy to see what is coming up. You'll get to see what months will be naturally more time stripped and ones you can take a chill pill on.

HOSA isn't that prestigious, but it's just like many ecs that may be available at your school. You need to stick with it over several years and gain leadership roles there.


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