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11 months ago
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Can anyone recommend a good and free plagiarism checker website?

I'm a rising junior writing a few essays and I wanted to fix any possible plagiarism that might come up in them. I've used the program TurnItIn in the past for AP Seminar, and it was really helpful. Are there any similar free programs that I could use?


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3 days ago

I usually this site :

11 months ago

So plagiarism is copying a source without crediting them. As you are writing an essay you don’t have to worry about that unless you are quoting someone but even then a plagiarism checker isn’t needed for college admissions. A great grammar and spell checker is the free version of grammarlly it is definitely Bette Ethan google docs.

Ps grammarly is freemium model and it will show/fix issues but some advanced feature like recommendations for word choice etc are locked behind paywalls


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