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Hosted September 21 – 26, 2020
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American University Student Panel

Bates College Student Panel

Baylor University Student Panel

Boston College Student Panel

Boston University Student Panel

Brown University Student Panel

Bucknell University Student Panel

Caltech Student Panel

Carnegie Mellon Student Panel

Clemson University Student Panel

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Lafayette College Student Panel

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MIT Student Panel

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Ohio State University Student Panel

Princeton University Student Panel

Purdue University Student Panel

Rice University Student Panel

Rutgers University Student Panel

Santa Clara University Student Panel

Stanford Student Panel

SUNY Binghamton Student Panel

SUNY Stony Brook Student Panel

Syracuse University Student Panel

Temple University Student Panel

Texas A&M University Student Panel

Texas Tech University Student Panel

Tufts University Student Panel

Tulane University Student Panel

UC Berkeley Student Panel

UC Davis Student Panel

UCLA Student Panel

UC Riverside Student Panel

UCSB Student Panel

UCSD Student Panel

UMass Amherst Student Panel

University of Chicago Student Panel

University of Florida Student Panel

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University of Missouri Student Panel

UT Austin Student Panel

Vanderbilt University Student Panel

Virginia Tech Student Panel

Yale University Student Panel

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About Us

CollegeVine is a free resource that helps high school students navigate the path to college.

Students can access live and on-demand college advising from a team of admissions experts across the nation.

Families can use CollegeVine's data-driven, adaptive technology platform to develop a plan for college, discover the best schools for them, write incredible applications and essays, and earn more scholarship dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a "student panel college fair?"

Unlike a traditional college fair where you'd meet with admissions officers from each college, our Student Panel College Fair allows you to hear directly from current students that attend the colleges you're interested in. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and hear unfiltered perspectives from actual students.

How can I ask questions to the current students on each panel?

Each event will be live and interactive, meaning you'll be able to chat your questions during the event through our website. Our trained moderators will do our best to get to every single question.

Will these panels be diverse?

One of our top priorities is ensuring that the authentic student experience is represented on campus. Therefore, our team is working to assemble panels that represent the student body as best as possible.

This is all taking place online?

Yes, this event is completely online.

Who is CollegeVine?

We're an education company looking to expand access to college guidance to students from any background. We're hoping this event helps high school students on their college journey.

What’s the cost to attend?

Like all of CollegeVine's offerings, this event is completely free for high school families, parents, and counselors.

What if I can’t attend a specific event?

No worries — we'll send you a recording via email afterwards. Just be sure to register for the event.

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