Rutgers University Student Panel

Recorded Monday, September 21 at 08:00 PM

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School information

Rutgers University–New Brunswick | Rutgers

New Brunswick, NJ

Ask current Rutgers University students questions about academics, campus life, dorm living, and more. Livestream viewers will get to vote on questions and ask their own!

🎙 Guest Moderator: Dana Lambert

Meet the panelists: Nivedita, Nish, and Tanvi

Nivedita is a junior in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. She is pursuing a Bachelor's in Biotechnology, and a minor in Art History. She is involved in undergraduate research at the Department of Genetics, where she is working on a project to better understand Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. Nivedita is a campus tour guide and the Tour Coordinator for the Douglass Red Pine Ambassadors and is a member of the Honors College Student Wellness Committee. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, watercolor painting, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Nish is a junior in the Honors College, pursuing a Bachelor's in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with minors in Cognitive Science and Comparative Literature. Nish is an undergraduate researcher in a neuroscience lab at Rutgers, as well as a Fellow with Rutgers Women in Neuroscience. Outside of school, she enjoys playing guitar, cooking, and watching movies with friends.

Tanvi is a rising junior at the Honors College. I'm majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and minoring in Linguistics, and I hope to pursue an MD/PhD after graduation. I am heavily involved in research at Rutgers, helped found the Rutgers Undergraduate Research Journal, and was named a 2020 Goldwater Scholar for my research in macrophage-mediated pulmonary inflammation. I am also part of the Rutgers Club Fencing Team and I am involved in a lot of teaching and mentoring activities on campus.

School information

Rutgers University–New Brunswick | Rutgers

New Brunswick, NJ

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
13:37@anonymous:waht are the internship and research opportunities for freshmen?
15:56@ebmn4641:Hi! Whats the living situation like considering that the campus is more spread out than most other schools?
18:14@anonymous:Do feel like the community there is welcoming and there’s always an opportunity to grow ?
20:21@anonymous:What piece of advice would you give your freshman self?
22:38@anonymous:How are the science or pre med related programs at Rutgers?
27:11@anonymous:Hows the food on campus? Are there restaurants near by?
28:29@millyruiz:Hi! How does a normal day in campus look like for you?
30:51@anonymous:are there opportunities to study abroad as a science major/premed?
32:25@anonymous:How did you start your essay when applying to colleges?
34:29@anonymous:Are you able to choose when you want your classes? If so, can yoi explain why you picked classes at certain times?
35:54@anonymous:What should I expect going into college is it difficult or is it a balance?
39:13@anonymous:What is a difficulty you've encountered at Rutgers?
41:11@anonymous:If you go in as undecided, which campus do you end up on?
43:53@anonymous:do you consider the campus clean and friendly?
46:55@anonymous:What is it like being a woman in STEM at Rutgers?


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