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Which Universities Let You Double Major?

Am currently in the 11th grade and am considering double majoring in economics and computer science/IT when I get to collage so I want to know which universities let you double major in different subjects (both ivy league and non ivy)

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I think 90% of all colleges allow double majors. But others will allow for a dual-degree: (https://www.mydegreeguide.com/dual-degree/). Knowing the difference is crucial for you to decide: do you want to double major with a single degree—BS or BA? Or a dual degree that earns you a BS and a BA?

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Most colleges and universities allow you to pursue a double major or concentration as some Ivy League schools call it.

At MIT - "You may not pursue a second major in the same area as your primary major or in either field of composite degrees."

At Princeton - They will not permit a double major however, you can earn multiple Certificates in a variety of subjects and many Princetonians have 1 or 2 additional certificates ( or minors ) by the time they graduate.

(copied from the Princeton website)

"Although Princeton does not offer dual majors, there is sufficient flexibility in the program of study for students to pursue multiple interests. Interdepartmental certificate programs provide structure and recognition for interdisciplinary study."

Keep in mind that a double major will require you to take more classes in your allotted 4 years, sometimes extending your matriculation and extra semester or requiring you to attend summer sessions. Also, you if you attend a Liberal Arts College and double major, you are going to have both majors show up under the same BA degree.

A more impressive route is to seek out colleges that offer a Dual Degree in your intended majors and try to get a B.A. (Social Science Track) or B.S. (science Track) in economics and BS in CS. Or try to find a BS/MS degree that takes 5 years where you get something similar but more impressive than a double major. If you ever want to teach or enter a PhD program, the MS will look better as well as having a dual degree.

Hope that helps you.

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Basically all colleges allow double majors, including all Ivy League schools.

@OFHanson's comment is good.


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