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How many essays should I be writing and where do I get the prompts?

Hey everyone, I want to make my senior year goes by smoothly so I want to start drafting my college essays. I was wondering where I can get the prompts and which prompts I should be writing about.


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6 months ago

I am currently going to be an incoming senior this year and I am starting my essay. Are you a senior? If yes, now is a great time to start your essays! For college, many schools will have you write one big essay. You can either use the Common App essay prompt or the Coalition App essay prompts. In some cases, some schools will use a different platform called the Colleges Proprietary App. You can start looking at some of the prompts for this year. The Common App prompts have been the same for the last two years. You can see them here: https://www.commonapp.org/apply/essay-prompts . These as well as the Coalition Essay are accepted at many different college. You can see the prompts here: https://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org/essays . As well as this main essay, some schools will require you to write supplemental essay. The amount of supplemental essay you may write depends on the school. There might two or more supplemental essays you might write. If you’re a junior, you can look over these prompts but there isn’t a guarantee these prompts will be the same next year.

Which prompt you want to choose is up to you. Whatever prompt you feel will allow you to express yourself and show aside of you that is not shown on your application, you should choose. Here is a guide that explain how to write the personal statement:


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Yeah, I'm a rising senior and I assumed I would be writing 2-3 prompts from either the common app or coalition. Do I have to only pick one for each?

6 months ago

You have to pick which process you would use. If you want to do the Coalition App process, then you would choose a prompt from there and the same goes for the Common App process. I personally choose to do the Common App. So, I choose one prompt from the Common App and started to right a little bit.


5 months ago

I am using the Common App, which has 6-7 prompts that you can use or use your own. :)


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