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a D for ivies

in my freshman year, i took hindi and got a D because it was my first high school exam and it got to my head but i took an advance class in my sophomore year for the same subject and got an A. How much does the D affect my chances for T10 schools?

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4 months ago

Hi there @Lazar,

For top schools like Ivies, you typically do need strong grades in all subject areas. In this situation, you do have a couple of things going for you, in that you didn't receive this grade in a core academic course and that you demonstrated substantial improvement the next year. An upward trend is always better than a downward one when applying to elite schools.

I would see what you can do to retroactively remedy the situation. For example, some high schools allow students to retake courses over the summer and replace their original failing grade. You can ask your counselor what options you have and note your demonstrated improvement to see if there is some sort of option to retake the exam or course.

Even if you have this one subpar grade, you can still consider applying to the Ivies. You will probably be at a slight disadvantage if you’ve taken a less challenging course track or achieved less than stellar grades in a particular subject area.

But, admissions processes are holistic, and this one grade doesn’t mean that you won’t be accepted. However, you will need to make up for it through other means on your application. The rest of your application - so, your other grades, test scores, extracurriculars, and achievements will need to be truly excellent if you want to be admitted.

If your grade is due to an extenuating circumstance, like mental/physical health problems, family issues, COVID-19, or something along those lines, you should consider writing about it briefly in the Additional Information section of the Common or Coalition application.


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