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Hi everyone, I'm a typical Junior year high schooler freaking out about college admission next year and I wanted to know how competitive colleges will interpret my transcript. I want to major in STEM – Computer Science specifically. While my GPA for my first two years in school was unimpressive in regards to the top 20 school standards; I wanted to know if these competitive schools would be willing to ignore my (relatively) poor grades if they see I did well junior year. Additionally, I understand there is a holistic admissions process but, I would like the answers to focus on the grades aspect of admissions only. Assume other parts of the application are passable.

9th Grade: Unweighted 3.71, Weighted 4.07

10th Grade: Unweighted 3.68, Weighted 4.05

11th Grade: Unweighted 4.00, Weighted 4.64

I can link my transcript with my information removed if necessary. Sorry if this is a dumb post.


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7 months ago

Your grades show an upward trend especially this year which is important since 11th grade counts the most. All colleges will consider your entire submitted transcript but I think Stanford primarily focused on 10th/11th and recalculates your GPA for their admissions purposes. I would continue to get a 4.0 UWGPA with strong course rigor in 12th grade.

Given that you will not graduate with a 3.90+ unweighted, I would recommend that you back up your academic record with some impressive test scores. Study for and strive for a 1500+ SAT and 34+ ACT. I don't know if you have any Subject tests to report. Also, if you have taken at least 6 APs and have some 4s and 5s that helps as well.

As someone who wants to major in CS, use your remaining time wisely and make sure you can show evidence that you can exceed expectations with college coursework. In the summer, I would fortify your record by taking say 2 college courses in either higher maths, programming, or Physics C. If you show evidence of intellectual vitality or curiosity outside of the classroom with regards to academics that will help you as well in the next hyper-competitive admissions cycle.

Have a back-up plan as well which is either pick some safeties and targets you would be happy to attend if you don't get into your hard targets and reaches. Also consider, starting off with a different major other than the #1 CS one, sometimes you can get into a better school by declaring a different major and transferring to the CS dept after 2 semesters. Be flexible because you are competing with students who have a perfect 4.0 UWGPA, and near-perfect test scores and have taken up to 12 APs as well.

Good luck.

7 months ago

No. Colleges look at your GPA throughout 4 years of high school.You can explain however in your college app the reason for the poor grades.


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