9 months ago
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Unpopular opinion: The pandemic has helped my ec's....

This is what I do right now. (freshman)

Founding my nonprofit

Mayor's Youth Council

Book Club (Founder/President)


2 Soccer leagues

Outside of school art group


I have had 3 meetings at a time, on zoom. If it was non-COVID, there is no way I would have been able to do all of these! I would be on the road 24/7. Next school year when COVID is almost gone, most of these ec's will be in person. EVen though COVID is absolutely horrible and ruined many people's life (I'm so sorry if anyone here lost someone to it) it's so crazy how many things people are able to juggle at once online.

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9 months ago

I agree, I can attend a speech and a science olympiad tournament at the same time since it's over a digital platform.


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