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I will be applying for Ivies this fall as an international student and being an international student, I am having a lot of problems comparing the GPA scale with the 100 per cent scale used in my country. what is the benchmark, I should have to make sure that I'm competitive and if it helps my ECs are excellent(according to chancing) and have a good coursework with 4 APs when my school offers none.

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What country do you live in?

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It is safe to say that international admissions officers will evaluate your academic credentials to a US equivalency. That is the main part of their jobs. The Ivies particularly have a lot of international students, especially from India and China, so they are familiar with education systems around the world. Each school has their own metric that will be used to determine your GPA.

However, it is a possibility that your GPA will vary among colleges. Each college uses a different rubric. I've seen colleges interpret my GPA to as high as 4.0 and as low as 3.4. It depends on the colleges you are applying to.


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