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I don't have a surname

I am an international student and in my state, we don't have surnames. We take the first letter of our father or mother's name and add it before or after our names. Eg: G.Ava Luck(fake), Ava is the first name and Luck is the 'middle name. Let's say her father's name is Green so the G in front.

My local documents don't need a surname so in that it's G.Ava Luck and my school also has my details as such. But we needed a last name for my passport so it is Ava Luck Green in my passport

My details won't match so what do I do?

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5 months ago

I don't think it should be a problem. Your school record will probably need to be sent from your school directly to the application you are using or the college so I don't think it not being official should be a problem. If it becomes a problem they would probably tell you so you could explain it to them then.


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