8 months ago
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Should I enrol in online school?

I have been considering enrolling in an online high school because my country has a really bad education system and I just don't excel in this time of environment (teachers who do not care about us and only care that they get paid). As a result, I started researching online high school diplomas in the US. I looked at the University Of Nebraska High School which seems really good but I am unsure how it will impact my college admissions? Is it good that I am seeking better education and enrolling in an online school, where I can take AP classes and get used to the American system, or should I stay in my high school and get a bad education with low grades? (I know everyone says do not blame the teacher, but even my parents agree that my teachers are horrible).


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8 months ago

Based on what you've said, I think online school would be a good option! I don't know how high school diplomas look, but if you get one from a certified school I think that would definitely look better for you. As long as you're a good, self-motivated learner (which it sounds like you are) you can get a lot out of online schooling. One website I would definitely recommend is Coursera--I don't think it offers High School diplomas, but it offers college level courses. You can sign up with a free account, and either purchase the class (to get a certificate) or access all the free material (what I do.) This is especially good for elective classes--I do psychology and creative writing on there--or classes you could do just for fun (like forensic science.) A lot of colleges also offer free courses, so you could look into that. But if you want a high school diploma, I think you're going down the right track, and the University of Nebraska High School would be a good investment! Better education is always worth it!

8 months ago

Sounds like you have a unique experience that can even be used in your college admissions essay when you are ready to apply to universities.

I would say that you need to research and make informed decisions. If you are interested in studying in the US, reach out to a few admissions officers politely (from the schools you are interested in) and ask them how they would view online high schools.

A few questions I have for you are: Are you sure that ALL schools in your country are bad? What about attending school in a different area of your country? And why do you think you would automatically get bad grades?

My personal opinion is that you should follow your heart. If you are pretty sure that ALL schools in your country are bad, then go ahead and sign up for online classes. However, you must weigh the pros and cons before making such a decision. For example, how will you participate in extra-curricular activities and hold leadership positions, and how personal will your teachers know you to write strong rec letters, etc. Extra cos and letters of rec are important in college admissions.

Good luck!


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