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Advice for a High School Freshman?

Hi! I'm a high school freshman planning to attend Harvard. I'm an international student and I hope to get advice on how can I boost my grades and a few of the things I should do as well during my remaining three years in high school.

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Very ambitious to plan to attend Harvard! I'm wishing you the best of luck. Harvard cares very deeply about students' extracurricular activities, so I'd recommend building up an active resume replete with leadership positions, awards, and self-driven projects. Ideally you'll have a "spike," which is an area in which you have a variety of extracurricular (and possibly academic) achievements and impressive activities. For more information on extracurriculars, check out our Youtube video on the subject here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30evWEhB21E&t=35s.

Of course you'll also want excellent grades and test scores. You'll want to load up your course schedule with the most difficult classes your school offers. (If your school only allows you one academic pathway, then don't worry about this.) I'd recommend doing some SAT or ACT prep before taking the exams in your junior and/or senior years. Good time management skills and a dedication to doing excellent work even if you don't find your self particularly passionate about a given subject will be very important. Best of luck!


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