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can i get into Massachusetts Institute of Technology >mit by my anytime sat scores

can i get into Massachusetts Institute of Technology >mit by my anytime sat scores

im interested about Massachusetts Institute of Technology < mit

can i got into mit by my late sat or early sat examination


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10 months ago

Here is everything you need to know about the hardest STEM school in America to get into besides CalTech.




I don't know if you are in America or applying from another country.

They received 62% more applications this fall for Early Action and only accepted 4.74% and the International admit rate has been around 3% or less.

For a regular decision this Spring, I suspect the acceptance rate to be under 5% as well with Intl students about 2%.

SAT/ACT scores are optional so unless you have a 99% percentile, near-perfect score, submitting a score say less than 1520 is not going to help much.

SAT Subject tests will not be evaluated by MIT since they went test blind on them this year and College Board has announced they will be eliminated in the future.

There are many excellent engineering schools in America so do your research and be flexible about your expectations.

Good Luck


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