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What schools did you guys apply to? Your top choice? Your reach school? Your defferals? Acceptances? Just curious.

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8 months ago

I applied to a mix of mostly reaches (e.g. Penn, USC, WashU), some matches (UIUC, UGA), and a few safeties (San Jose State, Indiana University). I YOLO'd and applied ED to NYU for business and got rejected. I applied to about half in-state (cheaper) and half out of state (since I would like to leave the Bay Area).

Top Choice: Columbia

Deferred: Northeastern

Accepted: UMich, Tulane, UCSB, UCI, UIUC, SMU, IU-Bloomington, San Jose State

Rejected: NYU, Cal Poly SLO (waitlist)


8 months ago

Still waiting for my reach schools like Stanford and stuff. Got into most of my safeties (or matches since I had so much trouble figuring out which is which when I made my list) though so that's nice. I regret not applying to more reach schools though.

Columbia University (Pending)

Cornell University (Pending)

Northeastern University (Pending)

Rochester Institute of Technology (Accepted)

Stanford University (Pending)

Stevens Institute of Technology (Pending)

SUNY Binghamton University (Accepted)

SUNY Stony Brook University (Accepted)

SUNY University at Buffalo (Accepted)

Syracuse University (Pending)

University of Connecticut (Pending)

University of Michigan- Ann Arbor (Pending)

University of Pennsylvania (Pending)

Yale University (Pending)

Rutgers University at New Brunswick (Accepted)

CUNY Brooklyn College (Accepted)

CUNY Hunter College (Accepted)

CUNY City College (Accepted)

CUNY College of Staten Island (Accepted)

Long Island University (Accepted)

8 months ago

How long did it take to apply to all of those colleges?

8 months ago

I kind of rushed my safeties in like a few days and done my reaches in a month. I spent like most of 2020 trying to figure out what to write my college essay on so if I actually discovered my college essay topic before December, I would have spent more time on my applications.


8 months ago[edited]

In no particular order (still navigating my decisions)

Colorado Christian University (Accepted)

Johns Hopkins University (Decisions come tomorrow!)

Virginia Commonwealth University (Accepted)


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