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`Will colleges weigh my 3.6 gpa as unworthy because of the number of classes my country makes us take?

hi! i am an international student and i was wondering if my gpa which is a 3.6 will be considered invalid or not worthy because here we take 17 classes per year and I have like As in 12-13 of them and a few Bs and a C, because we're also not allowed to drop classes if we're not doing too well. So I was wondering, would it be considered a 3.6 GPA as if I was an American student, or will they consider it lower (in their mind if that makes sense) because of the 'filler classes' I have? For context, I am referring to schools like Wesleyan, Clark, NYU, St Lawrence, Vassar, etc. (I hope this question makes sense it is really late at night haha)

@NurseLetty8 months ago

What country do you live in? Is your 3.6 GPA and unweighted GPA or a weighted GPA. It would be helpful to give readers here some context. Can you list your courses and your grades say for the past year so we can compare and contrast them to what US students typically take? Thanks

[🎤 AUTHOR]@maramara8 months ago

I am from Romania, the GPA is unw because we don't do weighted. And basicallyI have math A physics A bio A chem C romanian A english A french A computer science B geography A history B then I have 7 more who are all straight As

@NurseLetty8 months ago [edited]

Does your high school differentiate between standard courses versus honors courses or advanced courses similar to AP or IB rigor? Or are they all standard courses? Also, what are the other 7 classes? It will help if you could please list them.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@maramara8 months ago

No they dont but here we have majors and math and computer science are mine and basically they are at an advanced level, and also I checked the curriculum and many of our classes are AP level but are treated as standard. the other classes are psychology, pe, business, religion, music and arts + attendance

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8 months ago

Depends on if the 3.6 is weighted or unweighted and what classes you take; if your 3.6 GPA is unweighted and is out of a 4.00 scale then its a good GPA. If the 3.6 is weighted then you might need to improve it. Schools understand that each school is different -especially for international students- and they should take into consideration that your school requires you to take 17 classes.


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