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Gpa average question

I got a A- in one of AP class this semester, will that bring my uw gpa down if yes by how much ? Rest of classes I got As.


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5 months ago[edited]

1. Which grade are you in? - if you are in a younger grade you would be able to demonstrate to colleges that you are capable of improving yourself by having an upwards GPA trend (attempting to get straight As next semester)

2. You are taking an academically challenging program (AP) which means your academics is already more impressive than students without such a program

3. An A- is a 3.7 in UNweighted GPA and the overall influence upon your entire GPA is highly dependent upon how many courses you take at the moment and what colleges also assess is how challenging your academic journey has been (see point 2).

Hope this helps!

5 months ago

Hello, the class is still an A so it should not bring your UW GPA down! I hope this helps!!


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