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College Channels: Thoughts?

This should be good..

Some people like worship college YouTubers haha. I will say a lot are helpful, inspiring, entertaining, and kind people...

But oh boy 'how I got X' and 'why your college doesn't matter' videos are super toxic for people to compare themselves to.

What are your thoughts on stats videos? favorite college YouTubers? Other thoughts?

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5 months ago[edited]

I’ve already gotten into a college that I’m happy with, but still find myself clicking on these types of videos sometimes. It still causes me to spiral despite knowing that I’m extremely happy with going to Haverford College for the next four years.

I’ve just taken to immediately refreshing my recommendations if I see them because they make me anxious and self-conscious to tears, even insomniac sometimes (like I literally just lay there trying to cry myself to sleep while reliving every single mildly disappointing decision I’ve ever made). I don’t need that stress and pressure in my life anymore.


5 months ago

As a whole, I absolutely love college YouTubers. While there is the comparison factor that most do not enjoy, I actually sort of like the 'how i got into x college' videos. I'm aware that there is no 'perfect formula' for getting into a certain college, but it is nice to just see what other people have done. I also enjoy hearing about their extracurriculars for inspiration and ideas.


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