4 months ago
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Could someone explain which t20's are safe

Safety on campus is very important to me. If anyone could say or rank the top 20's by safety that would be nice, thanks.


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4 months ago

I will repeat saying this until the world realizes this but rankings are sh+ (excuse my language). If for example StateSt UnivofState and CityUniv are being ranked. UnivofState may get a grade of 9/10. StateSt gets a 8.9/10 and then CityUniv gets a 5. There’s no way to tell that 1 is all but equal to 2 but that 2 is far from 3.

Additionally those grades are ultra subjective and I don’t want to say corrupt but the ranking are done by people who want to sell those rankings or some other self interested motive. Instead when determine safety look into do they have campus police and do they offer night escorts, blue light system etc. Are the dorms locked. Is the area around the campus safe (much much more reliable then campus studies). And then if available try to determine if there are frequent reports of theft and more serious crime such as rpe murders etc.

I sincerely hope this helps!


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