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Tips about majors & ec's!

1. What do I do about major if I have two interests?

Find a piece of paper and write both interests at the top (ie. business and health)

Next, make the subsections of each one that you are specifically interested in (ie. marketing, finance, and management, and neurosci, cog sci, and psych)

Then find interconnections (ie. marketing + psychology = consumer psych or management + health = healthcare administration.

If you want help with yours, comment below!

2. I see a lot of people right now asking for a 'rate my ec's' type thing. Here is what you should do. Best way to evaulate your ec profile as an AO is create a doc that lists each activity, GPA, test score, award that you have and look it over. Would you accept that? Go on Youtube and find someone's "How i got in X school" and list theirs too. Who would you accept, if you were the AO.

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7 months ago

These are some great suggestions! Really like your idea for figuring out a major if you have multiple interests.


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