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I have a 3.92 GPA(converted by WES) but as we know that colleges compare us to our own country and I lack in those context(compared to my countries average) but my school report card has additional stats like class average score and highest score which puts my grades in a better context and show that I'm best in my class. So, can i include these report card or ask my school to make a 4 year tabular transcripts (we don't have these in india)


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7 months ago

If your class average and highest score is on your report card it most likely will be included on your transcript (or transcript equivalent) as well. Your school will be sending something to whatever colleges you apply to because the college will need to be able to confirm you actually took the classes you said you did and received the credit for them. So whether they send 4 report cards, one for each year, or a transcript of some sort you should be ok.

Make sure you carefully look at the requirements necessary for the schools you are applying to and that you are able to provide everything they ask for. If you're really concerned your school won't have something to put your grades in context compared to your peers I would recommend talking to one of your school counselors to understand what they send to colleges. And if they somehow don't send anything you can work with them to figure out the best way for you to move forward.


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