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AP question

My school offers lot of AP classes close to 30.

I have taken quite a few AP based on my interest in Stem and Business. By the time I graduate I would have 14+ AP classes. I just don’t want to take AP just for show but based on interest and to balance my EC’s. Is this good enough for ivy’s/top tier schools?


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a year ago

So I will also have 14 AP classes so I have done some research and that should be above average for top public schools like Wisc Madison UT Austin Florida etc. As for ivies and NW Rice caliber schools that would be very slightly above average.

My school only offers like 3 AP classes during 9th and 12th combined and I only took 1 so it will be impacted by your schools policy. Your counselor will send info about the school so no need to worry.

So TL DR yes it is good for top schools.

I have 13 AP and 2 Honors and at Harvard I have strong Rigor


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