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Is Columbia's High School Program worth the price?

A few days ago I received an email from Columbia notifying me of a program that they are holding. The link is here - http://precollege.sps.columbia.edu/highschool/academic-year-immersion/admissions. I'm hoping for someone who has experience with this program to tell their thoughts. I've looked through the course offerings, and they look interesting, but I want to make sure that the program is well-run and worth attending. Just the application fee is already $80, so I don't want to apply unless I'm sure I want to attend.

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There are certainly a lot of interesting courses listed on there. If you can afford the $1586 fees, it might be useful if these subject add to your passions or "spikes". One caveat is that doing these courses do not help you get into Columbia, they just look good on your resume. If you are missing any core subjects like AP Physics etc, it might be a better use of your time to take a eDx.org course like AP Physics taught by Rice or Davidson for $50 and sign up for the AP test next May. Regards.

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So these programs typically do NOT help with your college applications. A rule of thumb is if you have to pay for something, especially a large amount, to participate in these types of programs, then they are not very impressive in your application. The only thing that these programs could help you with is your "why this college essay" since you can explain how attending this program interested you in the university and campus. They can also be used when explaining why you want to pursue a certain major. But otherwise they are not very impressive to admissions officers.


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