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SAT/ACT essays

How important are SAT/ACT essays for the elite colleges, what is a good score for them?

If get an avg or low score on essays will it show negatively and affect the admissions.

Also, is it good to take subject tests and what value does that add. This is 2022 applications.


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Many top schools do not require the essay with the sat and act, including the ivy league. You should check with each school youre applying to to see if they need them. So the essay really is not important to schools that don't require them. But if you are a strong writer and want to show off your writing skills, then definitely take it and it will help your application. If not, then dont take the essay as a bad essay score can hurt you as any bad test score does. For competitive schools, at least a 6 out of 8 on each section for the sat and a score of at least 9 on the act essay would be a decent essay score. And yes it is good to take subject tests and many top schools require them. Take ones in subjects that your are strong in and related to your intended field of study.


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