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What types of classes and activities should I do as a freshman to get into a good school for a biology undergrad?

I go to a public high school and I am a current freshman.

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2 years ago

Hey yall, I would not say there are any particular activities to impress colleges or get in. Number 1 Do what you love to do whether that's debate, theatre, public policy or sports. Colleges can tell when an applicant is just trying to impress them and when they are truly invested in what they are doing. Do what you want to do not what someone else wants you to. It's your life and you should live it!

2 years ago

So what @bell said is definitely true. Don't feel like you NEED to do certain activities to look good for colleges. You don't need to dedicate 100% of your time to activities that match with your intended major. In fact, it's going to look better for your profile if you pursue some hobbies and interests outside of your intended major. If you only work towards biology things you can appear as "boring" to colleges. When looking at your ECs colleges are going to check for how long you did them, what responsibilities/leadership you held, and what level of activity are you involved at (school level, district, state, etc).

Consider joining clubs, participating in science competitions, getting an internship in something bio related (maybe shadow a researcher or something if you can!), volunteering. All these are great things to have on your application. For your classes you're going to want to push yourself academically. Take as many honors and AP classes as you can handle. Since you're interested in biology you should definitely be aiming to take AP Bio and probably AP Chem. If your school has other science electives that interest you take those as well.

You honestly probably don't have to worry about this too much. The fact that you're asking this question as a freshman shows you're concerned about your future and want to do whats necessary to get into a good school. If you start your ECs now and get good grades, things will work out. Good luck with everything!


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